Famed MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer talks about his guilty-until-proven-innocent experience

I will start out by saying that what happened to Trevor Bauer was a travesty, and the plotting female who leveled false accusations of sexual assault against him should receive the same prison sentence that Bauer would have had he actually assaulted her.  Furthermore, and I say this with the utmost sincerity, I applaud his willingness to fight for truth as a matter of principle despite the tremendous financial and mental cost, seeing this fiasco to the end, and doing as much as he possibly could to teach his accuser a lesson on lying about sexual encounters as a grift.

But I will also say, and this is not to imply that Bauer is failing to take responsibility for his actions or excuse the woman's conniving setup, but ultimately, he only has himself to blame for his very close brush with incarceration, his "cancelation" that ensued in the wake of the allegations, and an upside-down life caused by a guilty-until-proven-innocent leftist culture. 

Here's the backstory: in May of 2021, a young woman named Lindsey Hill had gone to a California E.R. seeking treatment for injuries she allegedly sustained at the hands of Bauer.  By June, Bauer was under criminal investigation, and by July, he'd been placed on administrative leave by his employer, the L.A. Dodgers.  He then received a 324-game suspension with no pay, which was eventually reduced to 194 games, before eventually being cut by the team altogether earlier this year.

No criminal charges were filed, and Bauer sued Hill for defamation, eventually discovering damning evidence that Hill had premeditated a scam in a bid for cash.  Prior to having met Bauer, Hill texted this to a friend: "Next victim.  Star pitcher for the dodgers[.]"  Before going to Bauer's house for the first time, Hill asked another friend what she should "steal," and in uncovered communications from social media and text messages, Hill said things like this:

Im going to his house wednesday … I already have my hooks in … You know how I roll … need daddy to choke me out … Being an absolute WHORE to try to get in on his 51 million...

All of this was revealed yesterday, when Bauer was finally free to speak about the court proceedings after the two parties had reached a settlement, which saw Hill receive not even "a single cent" from Bauer.  See the video below, in which Bauer explains everything that's happened:

Bauer describes how he's been "forced" to "defend his integrity" throughout the duration of the legal back-and-forth, but in all fairness, he made extremely foolish choices to engage in rough sex with some girl he didn't even know mere hours into meeting her — not the type of man I'd describe as having the most respectable character.  (Again, that does not mean he deserved to suffer unjustly.)

All in all, there is a valuable lesson to be learned by Bauer's regrettable ordeal, that being the reality that Judeo-Christian morality and traditional attitudes with respect to sexual intimacy were established for everyone's protection, men included.  As my colleague Andrea Widburg noted yesterday as we discussed Bauer's story, "If you read Georgette Heyer novels, she makes it plain that the chaperones protected the men as well as the women."

Bauer's story illustrates the ripple effect that one seemingly innocuous encounter can have on a person, reverberating years into the future.  To engage in premarital or extramarital sex is to play with fire, and it yields disastrous consequences, whether it's immediately, as in Bauer's experience, or years down the road, as we just saw in the case of Danny Masterson.

Unfortunately, I'm sure Bauer won't be the last one-track-minded man to be snared by a duplicitous woman.

Image: YouTube video screen grab.

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