Did Hamas just jump the shark?

Just as the latest invasion began in Israel, swarms of the usual suspects began protesting in front of Israeli consulates in various American cities.  Some of the anti-Israeli demonstrators were themselves Jewish...being committed leftists first and Jews second.  They were of particular interest to the mainstream news media.  Then news of horrific atrocities being carried out by the Hamas militants began to surface.

Shooting up a harmless music festival is way too much for even woke progressives — let alone flaunting the naked bodies of freshly murdered women.  As I write, the revulsion on the left is still lurking below the radar.  But there really is no turning back.  However, resistance to the sad reality of the excesses of Islamic extremism is a process early in its beginning.  So far, the Taliban’s push against letting Afghan women learn how to read and write has been mostly poo-poohed...let alone the general treatment of women like dogs.

Mark Steyn, in After America, describes Muslim enclaves in Europe before the mullahs’ takeover of Iran.  They were pretty much integrated into the rest of their world.  Children freely played in public, women were often uncovered, tension was minimal.  Then came the collapse of the Shah, and the religious police began to show up.

A new template has been cast.  Hamas and its cohorts are on the other side.  Citizens of the modern world are undeniably repulsed by the unfolding of this episode.  The reluctance of doctrinaire leftists to admit the grotesqueness of these events will likely fade, and that will be a profound embarrassment.  Hamas’s intention has been to instill fear in the hearts of its enemies.  Instead, they have provoked profound hate and an unstoppable willingness to fight back.

Ilhan Omar and her cohorts in Congress are, shall I say, dead meat...politically speaking.  No longer will “additional perspective” be presented as a valid position.  The Hamas, et al. militants are thugs — and worthy of extreme measures to annihilate them.  The Israelis are well capable of doing just that.  And this time around, they will not have to endure the usual amount of opprobrium that had previously been heaped upon them.

Now, on the next evening’s news, only pro-Israel demonstrations were covered.  The pro-Palestinians must have stayed home.  Blue and white lights are illuminating symbols of solidarity with Israel such as city halls and churches.  The magnitude and viciousness of the Hamas attacks are truly sinking in.

One of the first serious tasks placed before the U.N. in 1948 was the fulfillment of Israel’s sovereignty.  Seventy-five years later, the work continues.  It may be fair to say that the U.N. has really sustained the conflict, rather than having put an end to it.  U.N.-sponsored refugee camps in the area have housed multiple generations of displaced people.  Such have also been fertile recruitment centers for Hamas and other paramilitary organizations.

What is particularly sad, however, is the involvement of innocent victims in the misery being orchestrated by the forces of evil.

Image: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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