Democrats are paying for Biden now, good and hard

This past Sunday, on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures show on FOX, there was a weirdness going on about Biden.

I have never seen a U.S. senator (Tom Cotton) and U.S. congressman (Jim Jordan), and a distinguished and gutsy journalist (Bartiromo), in such altered demeanors.  Each of these seasoned pros was visibly balking about what to expect from Biden: what the U.S. president’s actual response will be to this brutal terror charging into Israel, as rarely if ever seen in our lives.  Maria and her guests were visibly hesitant — as they well should be, as we all well should be.  They were nervous about Biden.  He is the wild card of the century.

Now it’s mid-week, and we still don’t know where the president of the United States really is on Israel.  His statements are weak, and he is weak.  He is not doing what he is supposed to be doing.  By the time you read this piece, Biden may have done another quasi-flip-flop — and as he is often late to the party, his minders might somehow get him on air in the person of an effective president.  He might soon get on the box, in, say, an Oval Office address to the nation — expected of our presidents in crises as intimate as this one — and unqualifiedly condemn this frontal, vicious, murderous attack.  It’s a further stretch that he’ll say much about what he’s going to do about it.  But everyone knows, by now, that Biden “doesn’t really mean it,” about anything — that’s a rule of thumb with his politics and his policies.

We have had chapter and verse from conservative (mostly) journalists since Sunday on what grief Joe Biden has always had in mind for America’s friendship with Israel, and how he really doesn’t much like Israel, at all.  Biden is in a paid-for corner, with Iran for one, on this one, and I cannot believe that his party is not shaking in its boots.

But I want to connect the Biden conundrum on Maria’s Oct. 8 show to the Democrat party’s ongoing conundrum — that has surely, as of last Friday night, exceeded critical mass: “quo vadis, Biden”?

Many think the 2020 election was bought, and now the customers are stuck with the product: Joe Biden.  However, mad as “election deniers” may be, for the sake of comity, let’s instead posit that Joe Biden did win the election, with all those many millions of valid Democrat votes.  Election fraud or not, what have the Democrats ended up with?  Oh, irony alert: did the Democrats just get their “historical,” fraudulent presidency in the person of Joe Biden qua president, a man they voted in honestly?  And is a vote fraudster as treasonous as — it’s looking more and more — Joe Biden is?  Either way, it’s a bad bargain.

Maria, and Tom and Jim on her show, were wondering on Sunday whether anyone can predict what Biden will do, or not, now, or ever.  That is so scary.  They were scared, and we are scared.  Had the Democrats dealt with the Biden Mess a year ago, or six months ago, or don’t-we-wish years ago, we would not be here, and Hamas would not have attacked.  Let the left eat that, as surely as leftists cooked it.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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