A powerful, in-depth look at hospitals’ deadly ‘COVID protocols’

Stella Paul wrote a series of articles for American Thinker exposing the terrible things that happened in American hospitals because of the new “COVID protocols”—things that the American public is already forgetting. Several days ago, she sat down for a long interview with an investigative reporter at the Epoch Times to expand on the information she provided to American Thinker readers.

You are probably already familiar with what Ms. Paul wrote, but here’s the list of those essays:

Backed by facts, Ms. Paul exposed how hospitals used COVID to ride roughshod over patients’ rights to information, their care options, and their treatment choices, all while isolating them from friends and family. It’s a truly horrifying tale, made worse by the fact that hospitals were driven not by fear (although many were) but by financial incentives.

For those who prefer listening to reading, you’re in luck. On October 17, Epoch TV published Ms. Paul’s 48-minute-long interview with Jan Jekielek, during which they discussed one of the greatest medical scandals—perhaps the greatest medical scandal—in American history. As of this writing, over 150,000 people have watched the video.

Image: Stella Paul. Epoch TV screen grab.

The interview opens with Ms. Paul explaining that, for her, it’s personal. Her husband was one of those people who was in a nursing home to which Governor Cuomo sent COVID-infected patients. He did this despite knowing that elderly people were the ones most vulnerable to serious COVID complications. As she says, “That was an extraordinarily dangerous thing to do, and that was medical arson. You are throwing the lit match of these COVID patients into direct contact with the most frail and vulnerable people.”

Ms. Paul’s husband, thankfully, was treated with hydroxychloroquine, recovered, and went back to the nursing home. However, his suffering didn’t end upon his return. He lived for another ten months in total isolation, without ever seeing a family member or, because of masks, seeing another person’s face. Desperate for human contact, when the vaccine came along, he took it, only to have a heart attack eight days later.

Ms. Paul, an experienced journalist who had spent years researching and writing about medical issues (under her real name, for “Stella Paul” is a pseudonym), decided to research what had happened. After all, this didn’t just affect her husband. It affected hundreds of thousands of mostly elderly, helpless Americans who were sucked into the maw of a healthcare system that, thanks to government policies and lots of money, was making bank on useless, torturous, often deadly treatments.

You can see the video or read a transcript at Epoch TV. With COVID retreating in the rearview of the American experience, it’s very important that people remember the political and medical malpractice visited upon them. With another election coming up in a year, it’s very reasonable to believe that Democrats, having succeeded so well with the last health panic, will try again.

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