We can't be at fault -- it must be you

If, in fact, the whole COVID response -- including the vaccine -- was a giant experiment on humans, New Zealand was the perfect test bed.  It is isolated, and as it turned out, subject to almost any level of draconian control.

The health authority corresponding to our CDC gave gentle advice such as the following  to pregnant women:

Immunisation and pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, it’s strongly recommended you’re immunised against whooping cough, flu and COVID-19.

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The government then stepped up their game and closed their borders, setting up quarantine camps with scant justification.  On November 1, 2020, Gregg Jarrett wrote:

New Zealand is taking the term 'lockdown' to a whole new level. With only 25 coronavirus deaths among a population of nearly 5 million, medical officers are now being directed to manage all positive confirmed cases in a quarantine camp, according to the Director-General of Health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield.

On the “Laura Ingraham Show,” Victor Davis Hanson laments the precedent this set.  In the video, the Prime Minister at the time, Jacinta Ardern, in an unbelievably harsh and unattractive diatribe, explains how dissent will not be tolerated.  It is truly creepy.

In an October 11, 2021 article, Reuters quoted her using the same style

About 2.38 million New Zealanders have so far been fully vaccinated, or about 57% of the eligible population, with officials promising to end lockdowns once 90% of the eligible population is vaccinated.

Not that she was the only one -- it's just that she had an extraordinary level of control over a relatively small and isolated population.  On December 5, 2021, the BBC noted:

If you are a French doctor, a New Zealand teacher or a Canadian government employee, getting your shots is essential to go to work. Indonesia can deny benefits to people who refuse jabs. Greece is making them compulsory for the over-60s.

Austria is set to go further still, with a plan to introduce mandatory vaccinations for all by February.

Well, that was then.

Now, larger and larger percentages of people know or know of someone that "died suddenly."  Young people in particular were dying "unexpectedly," along with Canadian doctors and athletes everywhere.  The conclusion that the authorities and experts have been lying about almost everything in the COVID saga is gaining much wider acceptance.  More people are looking at the self-professed "elites" with skinny eyes.

It only stands to reason that the same globalist interests that engineered this global pandemic will be looking for a common storyline to defend and distract.  New Zealand again seems to be the test bed.

The current New Zealand Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins,  recently made a rather counterintuitive assertion about the people that were harmed by the jabs: "They ultimately made their own choices."

What? What "choice" are you talking about?  One of these?

  • Lose your job or get a jab?
  • Be drummed out of your profession or get a jab?
  • Have a healthy baby or get a jab?

This statement may be a test run at taking the posture that people who got the shot did so voluntarily and are therefore at fault for any negative outcome.  This amounts to "It can't be us -- it must be you."

It has not been so long ago that an unbelievable degree of governmental pressure was put on all of us.  We haven't forgotten: 

  • Not being able to go to funerals.
  • Not being allowed to visit elders in nursing homes.
  • Not going out to restaurants.
  • Keeping kids locked in the house.
  • Watching our kids lose irreplaceable learning time.
  • Losing our local mom and pop stores while Walmart and Amazon take over.
  • Seeing people being forced back into nursing homes while a huge hospital ship sat ready and empty because of political "optics."

Every single person was affected. Our trust in our medical establishment is gone.  If those of a globalist bent think they can go back to the glory days of public compliance, think again.  Our response to your orders might be more, well, militant.

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