The Biden dilemma

The President is facing a string of problems regarding his 2024 run for the White House. Americans, despite the media’s lack of coverage, are seeing him as facing dementia in some form or another. He walks with a shuffle and has to be directed where to go. When he speaks in public he’s like Ron Burgundy from Anchorman -- he simply reads what is in front of him. In those instances where he goes off-the-cuff, he falls back on lies or rambles incoherently.

Biden’s list of accomplishments are deeper fiction than the bookshelf in Target. He claims the economy is strong, whereas most Americans are forced to deal with rabid inflation on a daily basis. Even he has admitted that the Inflation Reduction Act was nothing more than a rebranded Green New Deal. He claims to have done more about illegal immigration than any President before him, but even liberal cities are now bursting with problems as a result of his lack of leadership. His foreign policy drove Russia and China together and he has propped up Ukraine at the cost of American defense. The debacle of his withdrawal from Afghanistan is what prompted Russia to invade in the first place.

After claiming his son’s business affairs were Russian disinformation, the truth is finally being made clear. Every week more comes out about his unethical, if not illegal, activities as Vice President. His Justice Department’s pursuit of Donald Trump, almost three years after the last election, is being seen for what it is, an abuse of power. He has labeled members of the opposition party as, “threats to democracy,” something we have never seen in American history.

This normally would be a problem that could be propped up with a strong vice-presidential candidate. Instead he has Kamala Harris, the mental equivalent of a See and Say Toy. Her speeches do serve a positive purpose -- they make Joe Biden actually appear articulate and stable. She has accomplished zero in her role. We expect little from Vice Presidents and on that front, she has underachieved.

The Democratic Party has a first-term President and cannot resist the urge to go for a second term. They are embracing the lie that if Biden beat Trump once, he can do it again. It is the Devil-You-Know thinking. They put themselves in a position where they had to abandon Biden and, in turn, his policies, or back him. Turning to Kamala as the replacement candidate is not seen as viable.

But this isn’t 2020, where Biden hid in his basement during the campaign feigning fear of COVID. It was the perfect cover to hide from America his inability to handle the office he was running for. In 2024, in order to win, he will have to stop going on vacation and actually campaign. He physically and mentally is not up to it.

This leaves the Democrats and Biden with few options to avoid Presidential Debates. One, ensure Trump is convicted and unable to campaign himself. This option is clearly in play right now. If that doesn’t happen, a crisis will be needed to prohibit campaign speeches and debates. A new outbreak of COVID fits that bill nicely. The issue is that this time Americans are not going to lock down and isolate. The majority of people will not stand for mandates and manufactured fear to force them into submission. Having had their liberties challenged before, most will not tolerate it again.

The situation isn’t entirely dire for Biden. A lack of mental capacity has not hindered Democrats winning offices before. Look at senators Feinstein and Fetterman. The Democratic Party members are so indoctrinated they would vote in people they know suffer from mental incapacity as opposed to a Republican. As such, there’s still a threat in the carcass of Joe Biden running.

We are facing a Weekend at Bernie’s scenario with Biden…that or he will simply lock up his political opponent.

Blaine Pardoe is a New York Times Bestselling and award-winning author cancelled by one of his publishers in 2022. He is a regular contributor to a number of conservative sites. His conservative political thriller series, Blue Dawn, includes A Most Uncivil War, Confederacy of Fear, and No Greater Tyranny. This series tells the story of the violent overthrow of the government by radical progressives. He also authors the bestselling military science fiction series, Land&Sea.

Image: Defense Visual Information Distribution Service

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