Trump is my choice

The conservative movement seems divided over the proper way of moving forward with the 2024 election. There are a variety of opinions, but seemingly only two that matter. There is the “only Trump” wing. Basically, this wing holds that Trump was royally screwed out of the 2020 election due to blatant cheating, or at least significant anomalies (i.e., unprecedented reliance on early voting, mail-in ballots, and ballot harvesting, among other things). He deserves a second chance to win the election and get his second term. Then there is the other wing which says that we must move beyond Trump, due to his toxic rhetoric and unelectability. This wing cites his significant unfavorability amongst women as a roadblock to election. They would say that Ron DeSantis, or a figure like him, is much more electable. Also, he is younger, which is a plus, since Biden has significantly tainted the idea that older people can still function and think. I suppose there are other wings, but they are pretty small. Who really cares about the Pence or Christie lovers? They are fringes of the conservative movement, and really seem to have no traction.

I have seen the points of both sides of the movement, and to be honest, I would vote for a doorknob over the Democrat candidate, so conservatives have my vote no matter what. But having pondered deeper, I have come up with some thoughts.

Being in my 50s, I have seen quite a few elections, and for basically every election, we were told it was “the most important election of our lifetimes.” When I first heard this, I was very moved and motivated. Now decades later, it seems trite, and for sure overused.

Now I would argue that we are almost beyond that point. I am not sure that we can take back our country. It seems that the government/ruling class is more concerned with itself than with governing the country. I believe both sides are to varying degrees involved in this system. So those who cry “uniparty” have a valid point.

Trump is very much hated by the governing class. He was impeached for Russian collusion, even though a four-year investigation by Robert Mueller found no evidence of this. Hilary Clinton paid for “opposition research” which was false, to destroy Trump. So he was impeached for Hilary’s behavior.

Next was the “insurrection” hoax. Trump asked his supporters to peacefully voice their concerns. Fed plants and a few rambunctious people broke into the capitol, walked around, and left. None had firearms, but somehow that was an insurrection. As old Joe would say, Come on, man. The break-in started before Trump was finished speaking. This doesn’t make sense. But they impeached him.

I could go on, keeping documents is now imprisonable, unless you’re Joe Biden or any other Democrat. Questioning an election is now a crime if you have an R by your name. Who really cares about the First Amendment? I think what is so alarming about this is the number of so-called Republicans who sit by and say/do nothing, while the rules of our country are arbitrarily enforced by the ruling class.

So I have concluded that the biggest threat to the Deep State right now is Trump. And for that reason, he has my vote. Every criminal charge they level against him makes me more aware of how threatened they are by him, and it makes me all the more determined to vote for him. If they hate him this much, perhaps he is our last and best chance to preserve this country the way it is, and not become Europe lite. Whatever they do from this point forward doesn’t matter to me. Trump has my vote precisely because the powers-that-be do not want him to succeed.

No offense to the others, their time may come if Trump wins this election, if not... well, this may be the end of a free country.

Image: White House

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