Travesty: Why is John Eastman even on trial?

The latest morphed action against President Trump and his allies -- the prosecutions and trials by far-left Democrat-donating radicals, following the Russia hoax, and the multiple failed impeachments, pretty well leaves many of us questioning whether the U.S. is still a "democracy."

Crazed leftwing dictators throw their opponents in jail. Democracies don't, or so it seemed. Mark Steyn, in a must-read, has called this shift "the new normal" and never until now has this darkened America's doors. The rot through the justice system is so extensive it now extends to arresting the President of the United States -- and his defense team, too.

Probably the most nakedly anti-democratic of these acts on this front is in the prosecution of President Trump's lawyer, John Eastman, the foremost constitutional scholar in the country and the dean of a Southern California law school.

He's gotten not one, but two trials, the first of which is for his law license in the special court for that set up by the wokester State Bar of California. I've watched that court for years -- the kind of cases they usually take are of lawyers who abandon their clients or run off with their money. They don't get guys like John Eastman, at least, until now.

Already this court in its new and totalitarian use isn't giving Eastman a fair trial. They've already reached their conclusions. Some snippets of its "fairness," among many snippets over this long four weeks:

Boing, boing, boing. 

Legal analyst Rachel Alexander, who is covering the trial for the Star News Network, sums up for Steve Bannon how bad it is:

David Goldman has a resonant tweet:

It's pure tinpot dictatorship crap. Since when do lawyers -- representing anyone, no matter how bad -- get prosecuted themselves for defending their clients other than in places like East Germany or communist Cuba? Occasionally there is a RICO case here in the U.S. against mob lawyers engaged in the exact same activity as their clients. In Fulton County, they've claimed that Trump questioning the election results and seeing if there is any legal redress is now a RICO case, too. The State Bar of California doesn't even get that subtle. Defend Trump, lose your law license. 

Because nobody's allowed to question, let alone seek redress for an irregularity-strewn election.

Obviously, they are going after Eastman and trying to take him out as an example to the others. They don't want anyone defending Trump. If they can take out a top Constitutional scholar for defending President Trump, what chance does a small fry lawyer who might defend a Trump ally have against such a legal juggernaut? They're going big to seal a new normal.

If you read the thread of Alexander's tweets, here, you'll see additional outrage after outrage in this kangaroo court trial.

Perhaps the worst of it is how the details of the disputed Wisconsin election case is coming out, apparently at the prosecution's promptings.

Eastman's defense has called out the facts of that case, which much to their surprise, reveals the extremely ugly picture.

That a special counsel appointed by the state assembly found some amazing irregularities in Wisconsin's election counting -- irregularities so bad they were declared "bribery" by the special counsel, is somehow not good enough for this bunch. I wrote about that garbage here.

It raises the question as to why Zuckerberg isn't on trial for bribery instead of Eastman for questioning it?

There's an actual answer to that, too: Because President Obama muscled Zuckerberg into doing it. I wrote about that here.

When we complain about communist tactics, personnel is policy and a look at the personnel here isn't edifying. Communism is a "value" and there are a hell of a lot of people involved here who grew up with communist values. Trump's prosecutor in Atlanta, is a child of Black Panthers with her father a former lover of Angela Davis, a onetime Communist Party USA vice chair who got herself into legal trouble of her own by supporting Black Panthers who took a judge on the bench hostage and tied a pistol around his neck and killed him. Trump's judge in Washington D.C. is a scion of prominent communist guerrillas in Jamaica. Obama himself was basically raised by a card-carrying Communist Party USA member, Frank Marshall Davis, and later became close to former far-left domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Communist values, communist results and they are all over the U.S. Department of Justice, too. And we can see them in this attack on Eastman.

The ugly specter of this trial against Eastman, who's the finest of the finest in the legal profession, demonstrates just why they seek to take him out. They want people like themselves, ignorant mediocrities with little knowledge of law, but lots of party loyalty, wielding absolute power. Eastman is the absolute antithesis of that.

If this course isn't somehow corrected, we are frankly all in danger. One can only hope to heaven that President Trump can somehow get elected amid this sea of lawfare and electoral fraud to make it somehow right.

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