Energy prices in America are going to get much worse than we’ve ever imagined

Last week, Joe Biden canceled all drilling in Alaska on federal land. Separate from the fact that no president should have that kind of power over the American economy and lifestyle, he paired it with another executive order that will make fuel more expensive than Americans have ever imagined.

Joe Biden promised during his basement campaign for the presidency that he was going to “end fossil fuel”:

The former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate made the comment Friday after a New Hampshire environmental activist challenged him for accepting donations from the co-founder of liquified natural gas firm.

Biden denied the donor’s association to the fossil fuel industry before calling the young woman “kiddo” and taking her hand. He said, “I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you. I guarantee you. We’re going to end fossil fuel.”

Many assumed that Biden was just pandering to the base. He was not. His executive orders have aggressively attacked fossil fuel (although not in China). As part of these orders, Biden immediately placed a moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands.

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Again, the Founders never intended to give the executive this much power over every aspect of American life. After all, fossil fuel underlies modern America. It’s not just about cars.

Every single thing in your house, including your food and drugs, and in your office place is dependent on fossil fuel. It is an ingredient in the goods we use, as well as the energy that manufactures them and gets them to market. It also enables all modern food production, from planting, to fertilizer, to harvesting, to getting to the grocery store. Without it, we revert to the pre-modern instantly. Yet Biden is slashing away at this fundamental, existential resource like a tyrant.

Last week, Biden increased his attack on fossil fuel:

Keep in mind that Biden does not own federal land. We the people own federal land. He’s just the property manager. It’s almost a form of embezzlement for him to take the product and profits from the owners for his own ideological benefit.

It’s wrong in every way that one looks at it—and that’s not even considering that this policy increases our reliance on foreign nations for fuel. What makes this worse is that these foreign nations are less concerned than America about preventing pollution. Moreover, they’re often tyrannies, and, typically for tyrannies, they’re often anti-American. That’s where our money is going—and lots of it because the edict will drive up prices.

But it turns out that it’s even worse than that. Wendy Patterson published a tweet explaining that the anti-drilling order doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Instead, it’s paired with an executive order ending the transporting of liquid natural gas by train:

I want to make sure that you understand what is about to happen so you  can prepare.

Biden canceled all of the Alaska drilling on Federal land. At the same time he stopped allowing liquid natural gas from being transported by train.

That leaves the only mode of transportation by trucking. About 2 months ago the largest trucking company went out of business:

Yellow, one of the nation's largest freight and trucking companies, announced it is shutting down, leading to one of the largest mass layoffs in recent history and potential shipping cost increases. The company is in bankruptcy just three years after getting a $700 million loan from taxpayers.

So that is going to create a massive supply chain issue of liquid natural gas which means your utility bills as well as the price of gas is going to skyrocket.

Biden used 300 million gallons of gas from our reserves to keep the gas prices artificially low. They can't do that anymore. They have set us up in every way to purposely make gas prices and utility prices skyrocket so fill all of your gas cans, buy propane ect NOW while you can still afford it.

Joe Biden has seized control of an American asset and is withholding it from the American people to their detriment. He is doing so in service to an ideology that is belied by actual science, and that is fundamentally anti-humanist.

But of course, this isn’t Biden, who is a puppet. This is the Democrat party. If Biden or another Democrat gains the White House in 2024, expect more of the same until we have reverted to a medieval lifestyle that is, in Hobbes’s immortal words, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” The dividing line between then and now is fossil fuel. Yank it out from under us, and it’s all over.

UPDATE: I received the following from a reader: "Yellow Freight is (or was) an LTL (less than truckload) Trucking Company and, to my knowledge, didn't haul liquid natural gas!  Yes, the price of fuel is going to increase, but not because of Yellow Freight closing down." 

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