The demise of the simple drive

If we were of a mind to, my husband and I could fill up our car with gas, get a pocketful of cash, grab a map and just take off.  We could stop anywhere we wanted, whenever we wanted until we felt like coming home. We could just top up with more gas and keep going.  America is full of fabulous sights to see and things to do. We have plains, mountains, rodeos, state fairs, big places, little places -- all waiting for you to drop by.

Sounds simple; it always has been. It requires, however, many freedoms we have always taken for granted.

There is a problem with this innocent little outing. This is Klaus Schwab and his Davos buds' worst nightmare and they want to put an end to such capricious expressions of free will.

Start with the gas-driven car; how many times do they have to tell you gas is no good?  You must switch to a mode of transportation they define as "better."  Preferably, you should be taking a car that by definition doesn't go far without a three-hour refill to make it go again.  A car that they can disable with a keystroke -- that is if you should even be having a car.

Then there is the cash.  Do you really need fungible money you can use anywhere to buy whatever you want willy-nilly?  Money they don't even know you have?  The Great Resetters think this ability is laden with danger.
There are so many questions they want to ask:

Where are you going?
Why are you leaving your home?
What are your plans?
Where did you get this unspecified "cash"?
Did you get permission?
Why don't you want us to know where you are?
Are you armed?
Will you be discussing this bizarre behavior with others?
From the globalist perspective, you shouldn't want to just "wander."  They don't believe any reasonable subject would have such a desire.  To them, either something nefarious is going on that you specifically don't want them to know about, or you are mentally deficient.  If it is the former, you have a lot of questions to answer.  If it is the latter, you will clearly need "care,", maybe even "Canadian care," i.e. euthanasia.

Possibly worst of all in their view, my husband and I are old, at least according to their sell-by calculations.  This presumption of infirmity doesn't seem to apply to globalist leadership. Our unauthorized wandering would not only be making trouble, we would be causing them to expend resources investigating this suspicious trip. This will involve finding out how much money we have and declare we are subject to a fine in the same financial neighborhood as that amount.

None of these outcomes are any longer foreign to us.  Hints about the practical loveliness of "15-minute cities," grave warnings about the need for suspicious medical treatment, testimonials about the wonders of digital currency -- we see these every day.  Every attempt is being made to normalize these concepts.  Further, anything that can be classified as a "health-care issue" is assumed to be subject to the control of our government.  This control will then will soon blossom into a New World Order controlling everything.  The World Health Organization is already licking their chops over this one.

I'd like to think this is all going to take place in the distant future, but I don't.  They think they are so close they can smell victory -- they will not give up.  I, for one, am not on board.

As far as my plan to wander at will, I have a message for the great resetters: "Screw You!" I am still productive. I have a mind of my own and will use it to join my fellow travelers in moving from merely uppity to seriously pissed off.  Despite your every move to goad us into violence, we haven't gone there. That doesn't mean we are sleeping, maybe we are reloading. We won't give up either.

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