A symphony of crickets

It was a symphony of crickets throughout the media after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Missouri v. Biden regarding collusion against free speech. The landmark decision was treated like a Biden address when the teleprompter malfunctions -- little was reported and analyzed.  

The appeals court ruled against the federal government for colluding with a variety of social media sites suppressing free speech.

The  74-page opinion underscores the synchronization during COVID-19 between social media and their government overlords. It wasn’t difficult work. Any post that questioned or contradicted the government narrative was censored.

These coddled, overpaid techies working for, and in many cases running these media empires, were more than happy to obey their government masters. According to the decision, they “attended regular meetings” with government officials and “seemingly stepped-up their efforts.”

Generations ago, they were better known as “useful idiots.” They were the folks who went about doing the government’s bidding not caring anything about protecting one’s rights -- and in this case -- free speech throughout the digital town square. 

The opinion reads like the textbook example of how a small fraction exerts an overwhelming influence using fraud and manipulation to work against the greater populace. This decision is designed to protect free speech from government censorship through private social media platforms.

In retrospect, all the pandemic edicts from Uncle Sam are another example of many abuses of free speech. During the Trump administration, Attorney General William Barr explained that there was no pandemic exception to the Constitution, but few listened. Then the Biden administration comes along and claims they were protecting Americans from “disinformation” by censoring all criticism of their COVID-19 narrative. 

These tyrants locked down the country for the better part of two years, with a huge assist coming via the suppression of speech. People died alone from diseases that posed no threat to others. The elderly were sequestered, while a generation of children were impacted academically and socially.

Conservative convert David Horowitz’s theory that if you scratch a Democrat, you will find an authoritarian rings true.  It is C.S. Lewis who puts a fine point to it when he said, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive… Those who torment us for their own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” 

The sheep are too caught up scrolling through their phones holed up in their electric vehicle with their pro-abortion bumper stickers, while waiting for the light to change to even notice, let alone care. 

It is a full-fledged Orwellian Ministry of Truth at work where facts are obsolete in the era of “personal truth.” Biden and his cronies only enforce laws and prosecute opponents that oppose their political agenda. The Left loves free speech as long as they control it and, in the future, will interact with more discretion with their social media partners.  

The people responsible should be criminally charged but won’t be. This is another paradigm of “we know this is probably unconstitutional but stop us if you can.” Those who hold the prosecutorial authority are the same ones violating the Constitution -- the fox guarding the henhouse.

No one is going to jail for 22 years like some of those charged for January 6th. So why stop?  They are just going to change tactics. It is not just Uncle Sam’s thumb on the scale, but both his fists. Persuasion is American, coercion is not.  

Much of government operates outside the intended bounds of the Constitution. If it happened once, it will happen again, as this is the Democrats’ modus operandi. It is little wonder with such blatant illegal behavior that there is a collapse in the public’s trust in government institutions. This decision should be a wakeup call for everyone who does not want to live in a socialist banana republic.

The nation’s Founding Fathers were well acquainted with humanity’s fallen nature.  To counter, they designed a constitutional system of checks and balances to assuage such proclivities.  For organs of government to violate these bedrock principles is nothing short of criminal.

Why is no one being held accountable?

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