Democrat Katie Porter says Republican women don't count as women

On the left, there seems to be an obsession with denying women their womanhood. You can't be a woman if you're not a leftist first, so the argument goes.

They used to do it a lot to Margaret Thatcher, but there have been other conservative women they have pulled this on, too. Lately, they have split off into all kinds of strange manifestations of denying women their womenhood, in promoting the transgender agenda, -- in the odd relative-mindedness of a then-Supreme Court justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson who couldn't say what a woman was; in reducing women to their body parts and degrading those body parts, e.g., 'bonus holes;" in converting pregnant women to "pregnant people;" and this far from all of it. The left seems to have a cold spot for recognizing women as women if they aren't left-wing. They do the same thing to black conservatives, as Larry Elder who was declared "the black face of white supremacy" can attest. Or, to put it more crudely, look to Joe Biden: "If you don't vote for me, you ain't black."

Which brings us to Rep. Katie Porter, who's running for the Senate in California after Sen. Dianne Feinstein retires, one of the two frontrunners alongside Rep. Adam Schiff.

Here she is, carrying on the leftist tradition of conditioning womanhood on leftwingery:

Katie Porter, the Democratic congresswoman running for U.S. Senate in California, said Republican women do not count as women when it comes to achieving gender equality in Congress.

"To me, equality is not electing Joni Ernst‚" the Democrat told the Washington Post, referring to the female GOP senator from Iowa. "Like, that’s not helping."

It's funny Porter should mention equality in Congress because she is currently trying to prevent a black woman from being elected to the Senate. Her opponent in the Democratic primary, Rep. Barbara Lee (D., Calif.), would be the first (fully) African American to represent California in the upper chamber.

Which is pretty darn disgusting, and probably to be expected given Porter's far-left stances.

What's vivid here is how destructive it is to her own election prospects. California has a top-two election system for senators, meaning, the top two vote getters in the primary are the ones who appear on the ballot. If it's two Democrats, that will be what the voters get to choose from, and there won't be a Republican.

That's also the likely scenario with this coming Senate race, with Porter and Schiff most likely to duke it out after the primary.

Despite the lack of representation, California does have a sizable base of Republicans in its voter pool. Schiff is detested beyond measure, so Porter was set to be the default vote, if for nothing else, to punish Schiff. I was actually planning to cast my ballot for Porter to keep Schiff from failing upward, but if she can't admit that I'm a woman, she can't get my vote. I guess there's Barbara Lee, a Berkeley radical, to vote for now, since neither Schiff nor Porter has managed not to become utterly offensive to conservatives.

Too bad about that, Katie. You could have scarfed up the Republican vote in California without having to lift a right-wing finger in concession, simply because Schiff is so odious. But you just blew it. No vote for you.

Image:  Screen shot from HollyM video, via YouTube


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