Women widowed and children orphaned by the cult of ‘trans’

Reject modernity, embrace tradition.

For all of human history, if a family man who faced a crisis of identity were to indulge himself and desert his wife and children to live out a fantasy, he would be branded a disgrace … and rightfully so. Selfishness is not, and has never been, a virtue — until today’s contemporary leftists came along!

“Live your truth.”

“You do you.”

“Normalize authenticity.”


A few weeks back, Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles released a nearly two-hour long video via X, as YouTube would not allow a platform. It was an interview with a woman named Tracy Shannon; she’d lost her husband and her children had lost their father, but not because he’d died. Respectively, they’d been widowed and orphaned by the cult of “transgenderism.”

I must advise, the content is very disturbing and graphic, so please proceed at your own discretion:

The interview laid bare the story often swept under the rug by “trans” advocates, with Tracy exposing the reality of what it’s like to be a wife left picking up the pieces after a husband and father comes out as “transgender.” America First Report compiled a list of the interview’s “lowlights” some of which are below:

  • Her kids were forced to see their ‘transitioning’ father in his new ‘identity,’ dressed as a woman.

  • Her and her husband meet with [a] marriage therapist – who unbeknownst to her was a pro-transgender advocate allied to him – who tells Shannon that she must be a lesbian because she fell in love with a man with an ‘inner female or feminine side.’

  • Tracy finds out that the therapist encouraged husband to ‘transition,’ which he does secretly, begins to grow hormone-induced breasts.

  • Texas divorce court orders ‘therapy’ for children, who are ‘told they could no longer call their father dad.’

  • How her children had to get used to their dad hugging them, but now ‘now their dad was soft and his enormous breasts would rub up against them.’

  • Her kids attempted suicide several times.

The exposé opens with Tracy recounting instances of sexual abuse, in which her ex-husband would attempt to coerce her into “acting like … lesbians” and bring cross-dressing into the bedroom. She then pinpoints this:

You know, I feel very deceived that he was having this lesbian fantasy and growing these breasts while we were married and having intimate relations. I think that totally undermines the idea of consent that is so popularized by, you know, used by the left to onboard all these other things that we don’t agree to as Christians and conservatives, especially when they’re talking about our kids.

Tracy Shannon isn’t the only wife. Chris Tyson, a high-profile YouTube star, announced earlier this year that he and his wife (Katie) were divorcing; shortly after, he came out as transgender (they share a young son). See below:

Unambiguously, the left welcomes, and has an affinity for, deadbeat dads. As a matter of public policy, leftists/Democrats hitch financial handouts and special privileges to a fatherless system: welfare rewarding single mothers, taxpayer-funded abortion, and encouraging social “norms” like those listed at the outset, which are largely to blame for shattered homes like the Shannons and the Tysons.

In the apostle Paul’s first letter to the Corinthian church, we find this text:

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

It is children who live in imaginary lands, and it is children who play make-believe; a key indicator of maturity is putting the things of childhood to rest, and embracing the responsibility and reality of adulthood. Trans ideations are delusional ones, because a grown man becoming a grown woman is nothing more than a fantasy.

What an absurd reality that even the most loathsome leftists of the 20th century wouldn’t encourage what leftists in 2023 do—German propaganda of the 1930s consistently featured images of strong fathers and intact families, because even the Nazis of the Third Reich were more “moral” than the contemporary left. What’s that say about the modern movement….

Image from X.

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