Where are the 650 children of King Kamehameha Elementary school?

Governor Josh Green, while pushing the climate change narrative on news show Face the Nation, said that King Kamehameha Elementary school burned to the ground. He said that 650 students attended the school. How many are accounted for?

Residents of the scarred island told me that everything on the news is a lie. The mayor of Maui, Richard Bissen, said that 850 people are still missing. The same day the governor said 1,100 are missing. If they actually know how many are missing, then they must know who is not. Where are the children of Lahaina?

The truth is they have no idea how many people are missing because there is no way to gauge how many tourists were in Lahaina when the fire swept through. And in 2022, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Hawaii had the fourth highest homeless rate in the nation and most of them, I am told, were in Lahaina.

Bissen was asked by reporters ten days after the disaster how many children were missing. He responded: “I don’t know.” When pushed by increasingly angry reporters he said he’d tell them if he knew. He knows or has a good idea. His body language says so.

It is now common knowledge that the schools were closed that day and children were either home alone or with grandparents since their parents were all at work.

We have all seen the hundreds of burned-up cars lining the single road in and out of Lahaina, yet the politicians claim that only 111 people have died. So where are all the elementary-aged kids? The inept mayor doesn’t want people to know.

We are told that cars melted in the heat in the 2000-degree heat. A body is cremated at between 1400-1600 degrees. The smaller the body the less time it takes. Ashes and bones were shoveled into body bags, according to residents, and they ran out of the 450 bags they had. But only 111 people died?

Stationed on the neighboring island of Oahu are 27,000 military troops who could have been sent immediately to help:10,000 Marines at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, 12,000 Navy sailors, and 5500 Air Force personnel at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. That was not done.

When President Joe Biden finally showed almost two weeks after the fire, he made things worse.  Biden told the crowd: "Jill and I have a little sense of what it's like to lose a home," and then tells the story of when lightning struck his house in 2004 and says "I almost lost my '67 Corvette and my cat.” It was a kitchen fire that was extinguished within minutes.

He told that to people who lost everything except the clothes on their backs and still hoping to find the bodies of their loved ones.

The biggest lie came from now-unemployed Emergency Manager Herman Andaya about why he didn’t activate the siren warning system. He claimed they were used for tsunamis and he was afraid people would run uphill into the fire. He also did not regret not using them. The governor parroted what he said about using them for tsunamis.

Maui County has 80 sirens and from its instructional site it says.

  • The all-hazard siren system can be used for a variety of both natural and human-caused events; including tsunamis, hurricanes, dam breaches, flooding, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, terrorist threats, hazardous material incidents, and more.

Susan Daniels has been a licensed private investigator in Ohio for thirty years and is president of Susan Daniels & Associates. Her memoir, The Rubbish Hauler's Wife versus Barack Obama, is available at Amazon.com.

Image: Sue Salisbury

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