Georgia institution first to officially reanimate COVID-19 corpse and reinstate ‘mask mandate’

The post-Covid world could fittingly be known as the era of the undead. The official narrative of lethal “variants” perpetually at the doorstep while the surroundings fail to reflect the claims is like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster before the jolt of electricity … and, you have people walking around like this:

Anyone who is that concerned about a virus that they would don such a ridiculous get-up in public instead of just staying home and self-isolating is clearly not using their frontal lobe. Their silly antics are beyond embarrassing, and these people should be made to feel a sting of humility … like sensing a stupefied stranger snapping photos as if you were a zoo animal. (Social pressure can be a good thing.)

It’s almost 2024 though, and President Trump is surging in the polls, lightyears ahead of his the closest second-place rival, despite the back-to-back-to-back-to-back indictments, so there is no recourse except another presidential election conducted via the mail. Cue the mass hysteria, part deux. (Evidently, as seen above, the first casualties are already walking among us.)

Morris Brown College, an institution in the state of Georgia, heard the call to action. From an Atlanta outlet on Monday:

An Atlanta college announced this week that it is reinstating its mask mandates for everyone on campus.

Morris Brown College began classes just last week, but will require all students and employees to wear face masks.

Officials say there have been no confirmed COVID-19 cases….

The mask mandate is a precautionary move for the next 14 days [emphasis added].

Something about that “14 days” seems eerily familiar, but the post below explains it best:

(They tried to fly under the radar and be inconspicuous … but failed … supremely. Seems like “fortnight” instead of “14 days” would have done a better job at throwing people off their scent.)

Now, don’t get confused, it’s not like last time where those “two weeks to slow the spread” got a little out of hand and obliterated the economy, bankrupted millions of small businesses and families, and allowed Joe Biden’s “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization” to undermine a presidential election; this time, it’s “only fourteen days” as a “precautionary” measure, of course!

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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