A tale of two legal systems

The Democrats aren't even hiding that that there are two forms of justice: one for the left and one for the right.

If you burn a historic church and attack the White House, as rioters did in 2020, you are a protester.  Excuses are made for your action.  After the attack on St. John's Church in Washington, D.C., Rector Rev. Rob Fisher said in an e-mail to worshipers, "The protests that began peacefully grew to something more, and eventually a fire was lit in the nursery, in the basement of Ashburton House.  Protestors easily could have done a lot worse to our buildings, but they chose not to do that."

YouTube screen grab.

However, if you are expressing your First Amendment right to protest, and you are invited into the Capitol Building, you are branded an insurrectionist and sentenced to jail time, even when video evidence shows you did nothing wrong.

President Donald Trump was indicted for having classified documents in his house, but when classified documents were found in President Joe Biden's college office and garage from his time as vice president, it is a mistake.  He forgot and overlooked them.

This is the state of things in the United States today as, failing to win the hearts and minds of Americans, Democrats are arresting and imprisoning their opponents in a way that would probably win the admiration of any third-world dictator.

We are seeing it again in the way former President Trump and Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, are being treated by the legal system.

Trump tweeted on Jan. 6 for his supporters to be respectful of the police and peaceful.  To the prosecutor Jack Smith, this represented a sign that Trump was behind the Jan. 6 protests.  This twisted thinking helped form the basis of Trump being charged with "conspiracy to defraud the United States," "conspiracy to corruptly obstruct and impede the January 6 proceedings," and "conspiracy against the right to vote and to have one's vote counted."

Meanwhile, evidence mounts that Joe Biden was involved in and financially benefiting from Hunter's shady business deals.  In recently released testimony from Devon Archer, a business associate of Hunter Biden, before Congress, Archer told lawmakers that the president spoke with Hunter's associates at least 20 times.  Records show he interacted with family business partners more than 200 times.  This contradicts the Democrats' claim that there was no involvement between the president and Hunter's business associates.  The media treat it as if nothing is wrong.

Democrats are the ones who are always calling for equality, but it turns out that it applies only to how others treat them, not how they treat others.

This continued divergent treatment of Democrats and Republicans will not unite the country under Democrat control, and who would want that, given the shape that Democrat-controlled cities are in?  It won't allow the Democrats to oppress those who disagree with them.  At least not for long.

It will lead to a divided country, which is something we have been trying to avoid happening again.  The Democrats wanted their own country in the 1860s.  They may finally get it in the coming years.

Michael A. Letts is the CEO and founder of In-VestUSA, a national grassroots non-profit organization helping hundreds of communities provide thousands of bulletproof vests for their police forces through educational, public relations, sponsorship, and fundraising programs.  

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