The imposition of transgender madness: The bottom-up approach

The astounding speed with which a delusional fantasy has been imposed on society — that people can become the opposite sex simply by saying so — requires explanation.  This obliteration of nature's (and God's) most fundamental truth of our lives and the resultant diminishing of the reproduction of our species clearly vectors toward societal and civilizational collapse.  It destroys fertility when surgical and chemical interventions are used, and this dooms the society successfully targeted to decline relative to the rest of the world unaffected by the craze.  (Have you heard about transgenderism spreading in Russia and China?)  The indoctrination of young children into the ideology means that even among those whose bodies are not mutilated or poisoned, the post-adolescent sexual attraction and bonding necessary for the population to remain stable is diminished.

So far, the strategy to impose this on American society has been top-down in nature.  The educational system, from preschool through grad school, has largely been captured by the left, and their bureaucrats and teachers have often eagerly acted as indoctrinators and enforcers.  (See the imposition of "Lia" Thomas on unwilling female swimmers of the Ivy League.)  So, too, the media, governments at all levels, and even corporations.  The bloody noses received by Bud Light and its parent company, by Target, and by a few other examples may have some effect in cooling enthusiasm in the C-suites, but there is another strategy simultaneously rolling out, a bottom-up effort, creating a kind of pincer effect on the populace to be intimidated into complying with madness.

As Orwell taught us in 1984, once the state can compel people to aver obvious untruths, it has won the battle for mind control.  A compliant citizenry will not simply carry out orders but will also believe propaganda and act as warriors for truth, even when enforcing absurd diktats.  An example of the bottom-up strategy in action can be found in the cell phone camera video embedded below of what looks like a woman melting down and becoming abusive at a Toyota dealer when not addressed as "sir."

Now, let me be clear that I don't know who this person is or what the particulars of the case are.  But based on appearances, I would hazard a guess that some medical interventions have taken place — perhaps surgical or, perhaps, just hormones.  In my opinion, this person is deranged and abusive.

Let me also be clear that I am not saying she is part of some conspiracy.  I am sure that she is acting out of conviction, and nobody has told her to behave this way.  The point is that she is acting this way because of the ideas that have been fed to her, the drugs that may have been pumped into her and that she is already troubled psychologically and has been persuaded that the source of her great unhappiness is external, in the hands of people who fail to agree with and support her delusion.  This is purely my opinion.

Now, watch what happens when such a person is set loose on society.  It's painful to watch, so you may wish to go to 33 seconds in to hear the first scream that erupts.

But I believe it is worth watching in its entirety as you see the reactions she evokes.

Clearly, she has not won friends or persuaded anyone to change his skepticism that she is a male.  But that's not the point in terms of social dynamics.  What she has done is made everyone who experienced her tantrum aware that failure to conform to transgender claims, even if you regard them as ridiculous, imposes a cost on you.  You will be abused, your business disrupted, and you will be threatened if you don't conform.

Once this sort of behavior becomes expected, or even just dreaded, the goal underlying the strategy has been achieved.  People go along to get along.  Transgenderism has been normalized.  Little children see that it is the way of life in their environment, and they accept it unquestioningly as bedrock truth.  In a generation, the triumph is complete.

The speed with which this delusion has been accepted and enforced by the "commanding heights" of our institutions suggests some careful preparation of a Gramscian sort, cultivating the rise of sympathetic public and private officials over time.  No doubt, this speculation will subject me to criticism as being a conspiracy nut.  But the fact that transgenderism is not rolling out all over the world simultaneously, but is mostly focused on the United States (and Justin Trudeau's Canada), suggests that it is not a purely organic, spontaneous phenomenon of post-industrial life.

Watch the video and make up your own mind.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab (cropped).

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