Top Rhode Island Democrat gets off easy after keying constituent's car with anti-Biden sticker on it

What kind of a man keys another man's car because he doesn't like its bumper sticker — and then blames the victim when he's caught?

These days, it may well be an elected Democrat in high office lording it over us.

That is what we see in Rhode Island, where a state senator got caught doing just that — and then got off easy for it.

A Democratic state senator in Rhode Island who was caught keying a car because it had a 'Biden sucks' bumper sticker has been sentenced to pay $3,000 in restitution.

Joshua Miller, 69, who serves as the Senate Democrat policy chairman, admitted to charges of vandalism and obstruction of a police officer.

It comes after he deliberately keyed a vehicle that had been parked next to his own, at the Garden City Center in Cranston, Rhode Island, last month.

The son of the car's owner immediately reported the incident to the police, stating he heard a scratching noise and got out of the vehicle to see Miller holding a set of keys in his hands.

When confronting Miller about keying his vehicle, he simply denied it and walked away. That was until police arrived and charged Miller with the crimes which are misdemeanors. 

If any one of us had been caught doing that, plus lying to the police in outrageously blaming the victim as well as making up "threats" from him, we'd be in for a stretch in jail.

But this guy not only got a mere monetary fine for his vandalism, which may well cover only the cost of repairs for his damage and not damages compensation to the victim for his stress and time, but he gets told by the judge to "stay out of trouble" so that he gets his record expunged.

Why should this guy get his record expunged?  It's out there that he did it, and he already has avoided the jail time he deserves.  Let it stay on his record as it does with ordinary criminals.

Perhaps all people who key cars should get off as lightly.  But that's not how this should be.  The creep did a thug's crime, and he got caught this time.  At his age, he ought to have had the book thrown at him.

After all, how many other times has he keyed cars of people with bumper stickers he abhorred and gotten away with it?

There actually ought to be an investigation of his phone records, photographs, and social media posts, as well as the residue on his keys, to find out.

Horrible people do this. And this guy's behavior, described in the piece, showing how he falsely tried to accuse the victim of making threats, of recognizing him as a politician he hates, of attempting to pull rank on the beat cop by calling in the chief, and other ruses to obstruct the police, who had a video of the whole thing going down, was especially horrible.  His statements to the cops, about being Mr. Respectability and his opponent being some kind of street ruffian, are quite similar, by the way, to the way Central Park "Karen" tried to pull in her police report, and who was punished severely for it.  Not him.  What a nasty piece of work.

It's disgusting to all citizens, and for so many reasons, but perhaps the worst of them is that it's not just about him.

Democrats in fact are infused with Trump Derangement Syndrome, which makes them ostracize their Republican neighbors as non-persons and frees them up to perform unspeakable acts.  The Deep State plottings against President Trump during his presidency, the vandalism of Antifa, and the ladies' luggage thefts of Joe Biden's nuclear waste manager, Sam Brinton, all kind of meld into a Democrat cauldron fired by such hatred and psychopathic contempt for others.  Now we have this car-keyer, a guy who would wantonly inflict thousands of dollars of damage on a constituent and then lie about him and after that pull rank to avoid consequences, all because he didn't like his bumper sticker, is another part of this picture.

The clown has finally apologized for his misdeed, once the irrefutable case was built against him, the consequences were light, and the court convicted him.  But that's not good enough.  The Democrat rage culture is the problem, along with the lack of consequences for it.  This travesty does nothing to prevent it from happening again, either by this guy or another Democrat.  Where is the Democrat introspection on this obvious problem?

Since this is an attack on free speech and representative democracy, actually, the miscreant should be forced to resign his legislative position.  He is clearly unfit to hold it.  Does the U.S. really need more of this hate?  Does Rhode Island really need representation in its highest legislative body for a car-keyer? 

The Rhode Island voters should step up on this and get rid of this guy.

Image: Screen shot from Rhode Island legislature page, fair use.

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