The Democrat party has a big Kamala problem

The Democrats have a huge problem named Kamala Harris, and it's getting worse.

I don't expect Joe Biden to be on the 2024 presidential ballot because the cabal that installed him as the 2020 nominee, and that engineered the "shadow campaign" that installed him (and Dr. Jill) in the White House, absolutely abhors the possibility of a Republican winning the race.  Despite all the happy talk relentlessly parroted by the propaganda organs we call the "legacy media," he is unpopular, and it's getting worse. asks, "How popular is Joe Biden?" and answers:

Dr. Jill's desire for the perks and prestige of office notwithstanding, there is more than enough blackmail material that could land a number of people with the surname Biden in prison to persuade Joe that it's time to leave office, if the puppeteers threaten to remove the protective shield that's been imposed on the DOJ and the media.

That leaves the problem of finding a replacement nominee who could win.  That pretty much excludes Kamala, who has become a joke.  Not only did she prove so spectacularly inept as a presidential candidate that she withdrew her presidential candidacy before a single primary vote was cast, but she has also failed at every task delegated her by Biden.  Border czar?  Five million invaders under Biden in two-plus years.  Try not to giggle.

And then there's the infamous cackle and the idiotic run-on sentences, spouted as if they were precious wisdom, accompanied by exaggerated nods.

For more on the many inadequacies of Kamala Harris, I commend to your attention the work (including the artwork) of Kathleen Click and Nina Bookout at the Victory Girls Blog.

BUT she's a woman, and she's (half) black.

And she has people — well funded and well connected people — who do not want to see her deep-sixed.  Eugene Daniels of Politico writes:

One of the nation's most powerful political groups tasked with helping female candidates is readying a massive investment to improve Kamala Harris' public standing.

EMILY's List, the political action committee whose aim is to elect female candidates supportive of abortion rights, says it will be spending "tens of millions of dollars" to defend and prop up the vice president during the 2024 election.

Such an investment in support of a sitting vice president is politically unprecedented. And it reflects the lack of broader efforts that have been made to date to help bolster the vice president amid persistently low approval ratings.

Because Biden claims that he is running for re-election (understandably, since the status of lame duck weakens any POTUS), the effort ostensibly is to keep her as the veep nominee in 2024.  But it almost doesn't matter because EMILY is an acronym for "Early Money Is Like Yeast" — meaning that the group is committed to early spending and will be dumping big bucks into reinforcing Kamala's standing.  And Biden will bow out of his re-election feint until as late as possible, after much of the money is spent, in order to avoid the lame duck curse.

Blocking a black, female officeholder from the normal path for vice presidents to succeed their boss as the party's nominee is going to have repercussions for the Democrats if they try it before or at the 2024 convention.  Only another black female, such as Michelle Obama or even Oprah Winfrey — as has been suggested — could neutralize this potent assertion of the racial and gender supremacy that is the dogma of the Democrats.

Best of all, Kamala Harris does not seem to realize that she is stupid and repellant to most people.  Her looks and willingness to gratify an older, powerful man got her to this point, and she doesn't seem to realize that these tools no longer work.  Or maybe she thinks that it was her own merit that got her a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Whatever the psychology at work, Kamala probably will not go quietly, and she is in a position to play two trump cards that work in Democrat politics: the race card and the gender card.  Not capitulating risks diminishing turnout among the two demographic groups most important to Democrat victories.

Graphic credit: Victory Girls.

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