If you want to take action, take language back first

Every day there is an avalanche of news that most people never see.  Only we, the news junkies who frequent sites like American Thinker are engaged and informed, sadly.  We watch, appalled and despondent, as our country, our culture, and our spirits slowly die.  How do we fix this?

Countless articles recommend a return to faith and family.  Countless articles encourage ballot-box action.  Countless articles point to the power conservatives are discovering by simply walking away from woke companies.  All of these are an excellent start. 

That said, here is an anecdote.  Recently, I was having my regular after-work drink at my regular bar.  A man whom I'd not seen before came in and sat next to me.  The ensuing conversation was one that reeked of despair, helplessness, and fear. 

He asked me, after we'd gone over the basics of faith, family, voting, and boycotting, what else could we possibly do?  This is a question also posed in countless articles.  I told him there was, in fact, an answer.  An action we could take.  A passive action, a massive action. 

Take back our language. 

Language is the greatest accomplishment of mankind.  Yes, I said mankind — deal with it.  It is the underpinning of every achievement, advancement, and enlightenment the human race has made.  Without language there is no communication, and without communication, there is no survival.  We know today that not only do humans communicate, but animals and plants do, too. 

But only humans are capable of highly sophisticated communications, along with highly adaptable bodies and minds, to have created modern civilizations. 

Bees, ants, and termites all build intricate societies and structures.  But they don't have cars, refrigerators, and wifi.  Horses, dogs, and cats have all been domesticated for millennia, but they do not build their own stables, kennels, or catios.

Language, and opposable thumbs, allows humans to do amazing things; it also allows humans to do terrible things.  Today, language has been so distorted that we are actively encouraging singular people to describe themselves as plural.  This pollutes language.  Take action, and stop using incorrect language. 

We accept the substitution of the word "sex" with the word "gender," which technically is a grammatical term only, the three definitions of "gender" being, in the proper context of language, masculine, feminine, and neuter.  A table is neither he nor she; thus, it is neuter.  One would never describe a table as female or male.  Accepting "gender" as a replacement or substitute for "sex" pollutes the language.  Take action, and stop using incorrect language. 

Recently, a commenter elsewhere stated that if he saw the word "trans" anything, he simply substituted the word "fake" for the word "trans," and that went a long way toward actual understanding.  This author thinks that is an excellent rule to follow and has since simplified the often confusing use of language by having done so.  You can do the same, and it will make translating the often utterly confusing articles about fake people much, much easier.  They will hate you for it, even if they are just one person. 

Bask in the hate.  Embrace it, and keep using the correct language to describe it.  There is no more powerful force than language.  For too long it has been used as a sledgehammer to destroy a culture more than worthy of preservation.  Stop using the language of the left.  Start using the language of truth.  Tucker Carlson was 100% correct when he said that speaking the truth is empowering, and using language correctly is the place to start taking back our country, our culture, and our future.

Image: Pexels.

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