Hand over your children, or else

In Virginia's House of Delegates, "Elizabeth Guzman [has] announced that she would introduce a bill that would hold parents criminally liable for refusing to treat their children as the opposite sex if they identify as such."  Criminally liable.  Radical leftists are dead serious about this, and we would be foolish to underestimate their power and determination. 

It is already happening in Australia.  Quote: "A recent Australian court decision sends a chilling message to parents who transgress the new gender orthodoxy: Refusing to validate a child's 'transgender' identity may be 'emotional abuse' and put parents at risk of losing custody of their child." 

The same sentiment of governmental authority over our children is already on the move in the United States.  The concept is embodied in the title of Hillary Clinton's book, It Takes a Village.  According to leftist ideology, however, the real meaning of that phrase was encapsulated by former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe.  He said, "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."

Unsurprisingly, those words probably cost McAuliffe, and the Democrat party, the Virginia governorship.  The voters, when given a choice, protect their children.

The state of Florida has taken some important first steps along the correct road.  It recognizes that parents, not the state, have the primary authority over the education of their children.  The state will continue to fund its public school system, but state money, according to the concept, will not go directly to the schools.  It will go to the parents of the student.  The parents will have wide latitude in directing those funds, including to religious schools.  The concept is in its early stages of implementation and, as with all such, is fraught with a potential for problems.  Leftists are seizing on that.  They ask, what about home-schooling parents?  How will they allocate the money?  Worse yet, what if they teach their children to be racists?

Whatever the problems with the Florida education law, they will surely pale in comparison to the "drag queen story hour" model that the left has already been practicing.

More importantly, the Florida policy is among the first strong rejections of the leftist dream of forcing you to hand over your children, under their concept of "we know better than you do what is good for your child, so do not ask questions."  Leftists have openly stated that parents have no right to even know what their children are being taught. 

It is encouraging to see that conservative parents are fighting back, and doing so effectively, even at what is sometimes a great cost to themselves.

We on the right are fighting, not for some theoretical idea, but for the one cause for which we will never surrender: our children.  The instinct to protect them is greater even than that of self-preservation.   

The social left apparently does not know it, but it has finally gone a bridge too far.

Image: Aizbah Khan.

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