Cracker Barrel just told Bud Light to ‘Hold my beer’

Bud Light, to date, seems to have committed corporate suicide because of its endorsement relationship with Dylan Mulvaney, who makes a living by pretending to be a little girl. (Mulvaney is clever because he sweeps in both the pro-transgender crowd and the pedophile crowd.) The backlash showed that Bud Light totally misread its customer base, which now views the product with revulsion. So what does Cracker Barrel, which has a similar customer base, decide to do? Send out a pro-Pride tweet!

Cracker Barrel, which originated in Tennessee, has been around for 54 years. Its corporate identity is that it offers customers the experience of an old-time country store and some good country cooking. It sells itself to middle America by supporting patriotic values. Wikipedia sums up the experience nicely:

Cracker Barrel's menu is based on traditional Southern cuisine, with appearance and decor designed to resemble an old-fashioned general store. Each location features a front porch lined with wooden rocking chairs, a stone fireplace, and decorative artifacts from the local area. Cracker Barrel partners with country music performers. It engages in charitable activities, such as its assistance to victims of Hurricane Katrina and injured war veterans. [Hyperlinks omitted.]

Currently, Cracker Barrel is in economic trouble because those same middle-American customers are in economic trouble. Thanks to Biden’s inflationary policies, the people who used to dine at Cracker Barrel don’t have the excess cash anymore that once allowed them to enjoy a Southern-style meal in kitschy comfort:

Cracker Barrel blamed inflation for a drop in silver-haired customers at the country-themed chain as rising prices took a bigger bite out of their budgets, the company said.

Customers 65 and older skipped by the highway staple over the summer, the company said in an earnings call with analysts on Tuesday – and “we still see them holding back visits,” chief marketing officer Jennifer Tate said on the call.


“(We’re confronting) the challenge of navigating an environment of softer consumer demand and higher costs coupled with the uncertainty about when either of these dynamics will abate,” chief executive Sandra Cochran said.

On Thursday, Cracker Barrel revealed how it’s decided to respond to “the challenge of navigating an environment of softer consumer demand,” when those consumers are traditionally older and more conservative. It’s aiming for the youthful leftist consumer by celebrating “Pride”:

Did you catch the rainbow-colored slats on that old-time rockin’ chair? As of this writing (midday Friday), “loves” and “likes” substantially outweighed dislikes on the post. The LGBTQ+ cadre turned out in droves to leave hearts and loving comments.

The big question, though, will be whether the people slavering sloppy kisses on a Facebook post will actually turn up with money at the restaurant. Some commenters said they would end their long-time unspoken but still real boycott of the store, but I have doubts. I don’t see the gay crowd turning out to spend money at Cracker Barrel.

What I do see happening is that the existing customer base will stop spending their limited funds, even occasionally, at Cracker Barrel. Instead, like Bud Light and Target customers, they will recognize that these corporations have deliberately turned against them and their values. People who are sick of being told to be proud of someone’s non-standard sexual orientation, and who find horrifying the “gender” fraud perpetrated against America’s youth, get the message loud and clear: “We don’t like you and your money is dirty.”

Just as normal Americans experience a sense of revulsion when they think of Bud Light or Target, it’s to be hoped that this revulsion extends to Cracker Barrel. Nobody needs to buy a Cracker Barrel meal, and nobody needs to accept the not-so-subtle middle-finger Cracker Barrel just offered to its most loyal customers.

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