Disgruntled asylum-seeker stabs toddlers and elders in an Annecy, France park

A disturbing attempted mass murder of four toddlers in their buggies and two elderly people on benches in the sylvan little city of Annecy, France, by a knife-wielding Middle Eastern migrant, has shaken much of Europe.

According to an initial CBS report:

Four small children and two adults were injured Thursday morning when a knife-wielding man attacked them in a playground in a park in the French Alpine town of Annecy, officials said. French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, visiting the town later Thursday, confirmed reports that the suspect was a Syrian man who had applied for refugee status in France. 

"We are talking about a Syrian refugee who has refugee status in Sweden and who applied for asylum in France, but this was overridden by the Swedish one," Borne told reporters. "This person has no criminal record and neither does he have any kind of psychiatric record."  

Public prosecutor Linne Bonnett said there did not "seem to be any kind of terrorist motivation" for the brazen attack on the children as they played at the local beauty spot.


The pictures on Twitter are the stuff of nightmares:

Twitter is taking down the videos and pictures of the terrifying activity, so they're all now non-embeddable, but the videos can still be viewed here and here before they take it down.

Some non-embeddable photos can be seen here, here, here and especially here.

No, he wasn't a Muslim, and everyone's supposed to be happy his murderous act wasn't "terrorism," which has happened repeatedly in France.

But the result was the same, and in fact it was something perhaps even more disturbing: He was an unvetted migrant, and a misfit with temperament problems, rebranded as a so-called 'asylum seeker' same as the millions now pouring over our border are. They're being let in in order to claim a "right" to asylum with a right to live here and get a free ride from the West permanently. How many more of them out there are like him, and who let this would-be killer in? There sure are a lot more in that migrant pool than there are in the terrorist pool.

He was also, like many of them coming to the states, a country shopper, an actualy abuser of the asylum system rather than a genuine refugee. Having already been granted "asylum" in Sweden and having that safe place in hand from 2013 through 2025, suddenly, he decided to move to France to claim "asylum," again, where his case was rejected, not because it was junk, which it obviously was, and against common international practices, which insists on first country of refuge, but solely because he applied too soon for asylum in France after taking the asylum in Sweden and already having a safe place to stay. This doesn't sound like someone fleeing persecution and in fear of his life, which is generally what asylum covers. He just wanted the best economic deal, which pretty well negates the point of asylum.

Days later, he decided to make living in his safe haven unsafe for his hosts, and headed out to the French playground to stab the toddlers and elderly people, leaving them all seriously injured.

A lone French man armed with only a thick backpack beat him off, preventing the asylum-seeker from attempting even more murders.

What it shows is that the asylum system, both in Europe, and the states, is a farce, allowing unvetted migrants with anger issues and an entitlement mentality free entry into the West to pursue their supposed claims, and where in their various loathings, of their own selves and others, they eventually lash out, which in this case, involved horrifically attempting to kill the innocent. It doesn't happen on the first day, it just happens eventually, when everyone forgets about the border surge.

In the states, Joe Biden has let millions of these people in, supposedly because their asylum claims are so meritorious. That's given the misfits among them free rein in the states, and it doesn't take long for them to eventually find themselves disappointed and lash out, biting the hands that feed them. The knife wielding migrant had been in the West for 10 years before he exploded like a bomb. How many illegal border crossers here in the states will start acting out the way he did, or worse, once their asylum claims are dismissed some ten years down the line?

It points to troubling facts about the asylum system, and why vetting of migrants through legal immigration channels is so necessary. If this can't be fixed, and in France, there are signs that the National Assembly lawmakers are dithering on tightening up asylum rules, then the only recourse will be to end asylum laws altogether, or make them available only with the consent of the legislature.

That's a lot to ask of the French, but there are signs the "far right," which opposes this kind of asylum abuse as well as mass migration from unvetted people who can't be happy in France, has been moving in the legislature to rationalize French immigration law.

There's still tons of nonsense going on in France, though, with some leftists actually questioning the heroic young man, known as "Henri" who engaged in above and beyond heroism that stopped the rampaging migrant and saved innocent lives, instead of the migrant and his enablers.

This Twitter thread, by a leftist French journalist frankly blew my mind.

I'll include a few choice Google translates of this person's lunatic "priorities" in questioning the hero rather than the murderous migrant:



 #Annecy#Henri , who scared the assailant away, "he assures that he was not there "by chance"" . To make himself known to France, he wears a t-shirt with a strange logo. Then he says he acted "like every Frenchman should act". Weird...

 I really hope that's not what he considers 'weird.' French people are born to be surrender monkeys instead?

It gets worse, starting with his yes-but qualifiers:

2- WARNING: Above all, the purpose of this tweet is in no way to minimize the courage that Henri had in the face of an armed man, nor to denigrate his image. However, I find it important to comment on two disturbing facts.

4- The t-shirt is made up of two symbols: the French flag, which in my opinion, when worn on a jacket, demonstrates a form of patriotism or nationalism. Is Henri a patriot or a nationalist?

Well, zut alors -- he might be a patriot. Only on the left do they get that outraged.

Now we get to what is really bothering him:

5- The second symbol on the t-shirt is the logo of a company that customizes cars and firearms. This company sells clothes and other accessories, including the t-shirt worn by Henri, which made the rounds in the media.

The man customizes guns, and almost as horrifyingly, customizes cars. This outrages the French journalist much more than the murderous migrant, despite the fact that the hero used a backpack to beat the violent migrant off instead of a gun. He touched a gun! That makes him a pariah.

7- The company was inspired by American customization companies, often very nationalistic, which customize cars and firearms. She also made a video with another far-right character: Baptiste Marchais.  

Why he's almost ... American. That was worse than attacking toddlers on the playground.

8- "Devout Catholic" or fundamentalist Catholic, Henri seems to be a little politicized person. But his sentence "like every Frenchman should act" caught up with "like every Frenchman would act" made me ask questions. I looked at his subs on Instagram and I was not surprised.

And religious, a God-fearing man, whose faith informed his heroism.

That's really a problem for this journalist.

9- The majority of people, including Henri, do not know how to defend themselves or how to control a person armed with a knife. To say such a sentence is absurd. But when you're a little influenced by far-right rhetoric, it makes sense.

10- Of course, fortunately Henri acted on the spot, I congratulate him. But his speech on BFM is bizarre. He talks about "Beltrame", "raising your head", "stop suffering". I would say they are "dog whistle"..

What kind of an idiot is this? Now he's throwing racism into the mix.

12- Another strange aspect, but also typical among "devout Catholics", is their obsession with children. Abdalmasih H. injured six people, including four children. Henri, prayed on the spot "for the children" and gave himself up to "Providence"...

He really couldn't handle that one, despite 2,000 years of French history and the French nation itself forged by those devout Catholics. He's obviously never heard of Jeanne d'Arc.

13- The paradox of this tragedy is that in the name of Christ, Abdalmasih H. attacks people present in the garden. This is religious fundamentalism: violence, hatred, terrorism... And the extreme right takes advantage of it...

He couldn't keep leftist politics out of the simple heroic act, done on the fly, at all.

14- I have just received some information. Henri worked well for the far-right newspaper "L'homme nouveau". And apparently "He was trained and educated to react to this kind of situation".
I understand better why his speech seemed very elaborate to me. We are talking about a politicized person!
Guess he's been googling in order to satisfy his doxxing urges.
The man knew self-defense and this guy was outraged? One really hopes that he's just the flotsam and jetsam of eurotrash French culture, with the beating heart of France strengthening beneath it. It may be why he seems to have since made his Twitter account private.
With attitudes like this floating around France, it's obvious the country has a way to go -- as does ours under the boot of Biden -- before normalcy is reestablished.
The first step toward solving a migrant problem is admitting that there is a migrant problem. Not everyone in France (or the blue part of the U.S.) is ready for it. But based on the outrage around this incident, there may be enough.
Image: Twitter screen shot
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