They still love America

Today is day 871 of captivity for the January 6 hostages whom the Democrat party is holding in a Washington D.C. gulag. 

Eight hundred seventy-one days of operations in America's first political concentration camp for dissidents, opened and operated by the Democrat party, for the express purpose of intimidation and re-education of the opposition.

And through all the mistreatment of the hostages by the government that cheated its way into power, those hostages still love their country.  Because on every one of those 871 days, they sing the National Anthem.

They still love the United States, even though the United States government has given each and every one of them at least 871 reasons to hate their country.

They still love America, even though America has abandoned and forgotten them.  

If only they had been holding BLM flags instead of the flag of their nation, none of this would have happened.  And despite that...they still love America.

America hasn't offered the most basic protection offered to literally everyone else who is on American soil, yet they still love America.  America broke her promise to them, for the express purpose of singling out patriotic Americans for exclusion and imprisonment...and they still love America.

But it's mourning in America. 

Tomorrow, the sun will rise, and they will sing the "Star-Spangled Banner" for the 872nd time, as more men and women are held in prison for political reasons than ever before in our nation's history.

With interest rates over double what they were in 2020, two thousand families today won't buy new homes...fewer than any time in the past four years.  Tomorrow, 6,500 young people won't get married; they are confused as to what gender they are.  And with consumer inflation raging, they can look forward to homelessness or their parent's basement as a future.   

Under the ineptitude of PedoJoe, it is mourning in America.  Why wouldn't we return to where we were just 900 days ago?

Image: TaptheForwardAssist.

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