Justin Trudeau lectures his kid about 'sneaky misogynism'

Justin Trudeau says he's had "the talk" with his teenage son, about not being a male chauvinist pig.  He was all concerned, you know:


TRUDEAU: "And a big part of these conversations have to be men. We have to do it. I was pleased when President Biden was standing up for women's rights in the Canadian parliament. Guys, men, have to have conversations with their boys. I have a 15-year-old son who spends too much time on the internet, and I know the kinds of things that are out there, the sneaky misogynism that sort of slips through in workout videos and bro videos. Having those conversations are way more -- way more difficult for me than having just the basic birds and the bees conversations. Anyone talk about birds and bees anymore in this era of of too much information on the internet? But having those difficult conversations now about women's rights, about equality, about these things that are core to how boys are raised, this is something that men have to be better allies on and part of, and that is something that we will continue to be pushing in Canada and everywhere around the world."

Apparently, the problem is male workout videos, and bro videos, whatever those are.

It's stupid stuff, and kind of hideous, too, given that he's using his kid as the object in need of public instruction.

Actually, the problem is his own.  He not only comes from a sexual free-for-all family atmosphere involving Big Daddy Fidel Castro, which is as sexist as things get, making his claims to feminism a little ridiculous.

He's been accused of "sexism" again and again by the feminist wokesters he associates with, which is about par for people with those victimhood orientations.

It's all leftists we are talking about here, so of course they are going to whip out the victim card.

Take an incident a few years ago, in 2019.  He appointed half his Cabinet members women and loudly proclaimed that he wanted "strong women" in that Cabinet.  Then he got into a fight with his justice minister/attorney general, one Jody Wilson-Raybould.  She wanted to prosecute a corrupt company on the take; he wanted them to be let off easy.  He demoted Wilson-Raybould to make sure that prosecution didn't happen, and she resigned in protest.  After that, another female Cabinet minister resigned, too.

So sure, the feminists are going to protest.  Actually, anyone would.  But that gave him problems with feminists, especially since he made such a big show of claiming a wokester feminist agenda.

According to The Atlantic, which wrote about the spat at the time:

The Canadian leader has made headlines around the world for, among other things, stating that he'll raise his sons as feminists, photobombing a prom photo shoot in Vancouver, demonstrating his core strength in a viral photo of him doing a peacock pose, and sharing a beer with Barack Obama in Montreal. In the Trump era, Trudeau's warmth and charm have earned him an international reputation as a liberal boy wonder, advocating for stronger women's rights, better environmental protections, and more stable relationships with indigenous groups.

Back home, Trudeau's fondness for antics such as balancing babies in the palm of his hand, cuddling pandas at the zoo, and posing with his hands in a heart before a pink backdrop for the press have led to one Toronto writer calling him "the political equivalent of a YouTube puppy video"—satisfying, but lacking depth. It's a criticism that has followed Trudeau since the start of his term, but one that feels even more salient now. For Bashevkin, the political-science professor, what this scandal illustrates most starkly is the prime minister's and his team's lack of experience. "I think if he's actually going to do what he says he will, which is think about how to learn from these events, I'd suggest that he might think about revaluing the women who are currently and were formerly in cabinet," Bashevkin says.

So with all those self-created political problems of his, complete with angry Canadian feminists after him, Trudeau's kid is the one who gets the talk.

No wonder he'd rather retreat into his workout videos.  Daddy feminist, though, is chasing that kid even there.

Image: Screen shot from CBC video via Grabien.

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