Mayorkas gives illegal border crossers a stern warning

After advising the American public that they were all ready for the 10,000-a-day illegal alien surge into the U.S. when Title 42 restrictions end on 5/11, Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has decided to throw in a stern warning to migrants, just to be sure:

"The border is not open," [Homeland Security secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas said. "It has not been open, and it will not be open subsequent to May 11th. And the smugglers who exploit vulnerable migrants are spreading misinformation. They are spreading false information, lies in a way to lure vulnerable people to the southern border and those individuals will only be returned."

Mayorkas continued (my transcription):

To the individuals themselves who are thinking of migrating: Do not believe the smugglers, please access the official government publications, please access the official government information on the Department of Homeland Secuirty website because you are being decieved and you are risking your lives and life savings only to meet a consequence you do not expect on the southern border.

That sounds pretty silly.  Migrants and their human-smuggling sponsors aren't stupid.  They watch what the U.S. does, not what the U.S. says.  The last time Joe Biden's border czar, Kamala Harris, and, for that matter, Joe Biden himself, issued a "do not come, do not come" order, the surge was on, and migrants were rewarded for surging in.  Why would now be at all different?  Migrants already know how these things work.

That fiasco happened when Mayorkas was out claiming, again and again, that "the border is under control."  He didn't say by whom.

Mayorkas's stern warning now is nothing but the same weasel words of the past, which migrants already know how to get around.

Migrants already know that all they need to do to get into the U.S. is cross illegally and say the magic word "asylum."  After that, all they'll need to do to get their cost-free asylum application through is follow their coaching by the friendly NGOs to present a sob story about crime in the shantytown, and viola: they'll be issued "parole" into the U.S. for a court date to "prove" their claims — ten years from now.  That's catch-and-release, and Mayorkas insists that that won't be the case under Title 8 enforcement, but again, that's weasel words, and migrants can hear them: migrants will be allowed to appeal any rejected asylum application — and get let in to prove it, ten years in court from now.

As Mayorkas issues his stern warning, surging migrants in the Del Rio sector, according to this report, are being released into the country on "parole" in the same catch-and-release plan that they know will come of a mass border surge.

In the meantime, illegal border-crossers getting in will be issued a work permit, free transport, free housing, free medical care, and a welcome packet for "free" services they can access courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer and after that, be free to send untaxed remittances to the home country, which will be glad to take their money.

That explains why migrants aren't bothering with all the "legal pathways" Mayorkas is touting, which, in any case, are full-up and involve a line and a wait.  Why stand in line and wait when you can get in with the exact same bennies right now?  Mayorkas has spent a lot of time claiming that migrants eligible for the CBOne app application has caused border crossings from places like Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to go down 95%, but migrants know that's laughable, too, even if the number is true, because for migrants, the only question is whether they get in, and yes, the missing 95% are still getting let in, junk asylum claims and all, just not through the border, which, in any case, is full up and bringing the remainder to the border anyway.  Note this screen shot from KUSI of the typical asylum-seeker supposedly terrified of being sent back:

They don't seem too concerned about the stern warning.  They know that that was U.S. voter consumption, a bid to claim that something was being done.  The migrants are ignoring it, the surge is building, and the migrants know they're going to get let in.

A few days ago, Mayorkas all but admitted that the border would descend into mayhem:

We know smugglers will seek to take advantage of the end of Title 42 and that the first few weeks will be challenging, but I have full confidence in the dedicated men and women of DHS.  We will do all we can to manage our border and increased encounters in a safe, orderly, and humane way.  We are working with our regional partners.  We are going after the smugglers.  We are surging resources to the border.  But we cannot do everything that we need to do until Congress provides the needed resources and reforms.  We call on Congress to provide the resources we need to continue our work.  We stand ready to work with Congress to pass desperately needed reform to our immigration and asylum system.  In the meantime, we will continue to do our part, implementing the approach we have described here today.

Art Del Cueto, the vice president of the Border Patrol Council, and obviously a Border Patrol agent with on-the-ground knowledge, explained to KUSI just how stupid the whole "stern warning" from Mayorkas was:

Translation of that stern warning: The Bidenites want to let the surgers on in; they just don't want the news photos of it.  That's what it amounts to, and predictably, the migrants massing at the border are paying no attention.

Image: Screen shot from KUSI video via YouTube.

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