Eric get angry, Eric get mad

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City is very unhappy these days.  He can't win on the migrant crisis because no city can handle a daily flow of people like this.  The word from the Big Apple is that Mayor Adams is angry.  This is from Michael Goodwin:

Watching Mayor Adams get attacked by The New York Times and other left-wing Democrats after he criticized President Biden's hand­ling of the migrant mess, I was tempted to praise the mayor for courageous straight talk.

But the moment passed because Adams soon took a different tack, creating confusion about what he believes and where he stands.

Nearly a year after the mayor first announced that 2,800 uninvited newcomers were crowded into city shelters, his policy for dealing with the expanding crisis is almost as messy as the problem itself.

He zigs, he zags, he flip-flops and undercuts today what he said with conviction and certainty yesterday.

Pick a side, mayor, and stick to it! 

More and more, New Yorkers want the mayor to get angry and to stand up for them.  Yes, New Yorkers want their mayor to remember that song "Johnny Get Angry."  It's about a girl who wants her Johnny to get angry and show that he really cares.  So New Yorkers should stand in front of the mayor's office and sing something like this:

Eric get angry, Eric get mad
Give Biden the biggest lecture he's ever had
I want a brave man, I want a cave man
Mayor, show me that you care, really care for me

Well, it worked for the girl in the pop song.  It's time for Mayor Adams to go to the source and call out the Biden border policy.  Calling for immigration reform is cute but won't fix this.  Calling on Congress to "do their job" is way too late.  It's time for Mayor Adams to get angry.  Call out the Biden policy, because the problem started at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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