Democrats lack compassion for the powerless

The case involves a 94-year-old woman who didn’t pay her property taxes and owed the county $15,000. The county seized the house, sold it for $40,000 and kept the excess equity for itself. 

 Tyler's home was then sold for $40,000, and under the state's forfeiture laws, the county kept the surplus proceeds. Minnesota is one of more than a dozen states (along with Washington, D.C.) that allows the practice.

It appears to me to be gouging that $15,000 taxes, fees, and interest were owed on a property that was only worth $40,000.

If a bank forecloses on a property and happens to sell it for more than is owed, the excess goes back to the owner.  But here, the greedy government kept the money. There is never enough money for the greedy government.

Hopefully, the Supreme Court will rule 9-0 against the government but I doubt it.

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There are two civil trials that are going on right now that are being viewed very differently by the media. 

One involves Trump.  It is about a supposed rape that occurred 28 years ago, where the woman came out publicly in 2019, when she wrote a book.  There is no corroborating evidence, just like Judge Kavanaugh's case.  Yet the media are widely covering it to destroy Trump. 

The other involves Hunter Biden and is a current issue, where he is trying to reduce the amount of child support he pays for a child he has never met.  Hunter's high-priced attorneys are trying to hide his income off his tax returns.

Joe and Jill Biden say all children belong to society, yet they don't even recognize this grandchild. They don't support the child morally or financially. 

The media has as much interest in this trial and this mother and child as they did in all the women the Clintons physically and mentally abused. There was zero coverage on ABC, CBS, and NBC nightly news on the day of the trial. 

They still bury almost all the corruption of the Biden family because they don't care.

On other court issues:

The media and other Democrats have set out to destroy two Supreme Court justices for the crime that they are conservatives.

They have never cared about the kickbacks to the Clintons or to the Bidens and the massive ethical issues and conflict of interest they cause.  They have never cared about how many times the Clintons, Obamas, or Bidens stayed in rich people's houses on vacation.

But they have set out to destroy Justice Clarence Thomas for hanging out with a billionaire, when he has never had a case involving him, and going after Justice Neil Gorsuch for selling a piece of property to another lawyer.  Maybe they should have cared about Obama's corrupt relationship with political fixer Tony Rezko.

Then, after the media do many hit pieces seeking to ruin the reputation of the court, they take a poll that shows that confidence in the Court has gone down.  That is called a push poll.

Isn't it time the media stopped pretending Joe Biden and other Democrats, including themselves, are the empathetic and compassionate party that cares about women and children?

Biden pretends he cares so much about the environment, yet he still hasn't had time to visit East Palestine, Ohio after a major toxic chemical spill.

Biden hasn't invited relatives of the Christians killed in Nashville by a gender-confused person to the White House.  The media and other Democrats seem uninterested in the public seeing the shooter's manifesto because it isn't helpful to the agenda.

There is nothing compassionate about a party that supports leftist D.A.s who let career criminals terrorize the public.

It is not compassionate to have open borders.  Biden and other Democrats seem to have little empathy or compassion for all those who die and get raped.  AOC no longer visits the border.  Entertainers are extremely quiet.  That means they only pretended to care while Trump was president.

Politicians in sanctuary cities pretend they are compassionate.  When they get small numbers of illegals compared to Texas towns, they squeal like pigs that they can't afford them.  Martha's Vineyard liberals were compassionate for a day before they kicked them out.

Democrats claim it is compassionate to allow little boys to have their testicles cut off or chemically damaged, and little girls to have their breasts cut off, without their parents' permission, but they adamantly oppose giving children vouchers to go to better schools.  That would tick off their major contributors, the teachers' unions.  That is whom they really care about.

Democrats kept schools closed at the behest of the unions.  Then they act confused as to why kids are getting worse grades and are lonely.  Their solution is to throw more money at the unions.  It is always money, not the children.

Every day, the media and other Democrats seek to scare the children into submission by saying we are destroying the Earth and we have only a few years left.  Then they pretend they are surprised that children are depressed and don't want to have children.

A party that supports abortion through 40 weeks and refuses to provide health care to a child born in a botched abortion certainly doesn't care about all children.

Democrats pretend they believe that women have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies, but they fired women who refused the dictatorial edict of the vaccine.

A party that forces women and girls to compete against men and boys does not care about women's rights and privacy.

A party that seeks to make more people dependent on the government, instead of letting them move up the economic latter, is not compassionate or empathetic.

So remember when you vote that Joe Biden cares as much about you as he cares about his seventh grandchild and her mother.

You should also remember that the media are willing to lie continuously to destroy Republicans, including Trump, and are willing to cover up the incompetence and corruption of Democrats, including Biden.  They care only about power and the leftist agenda.  Facts and science are irrelevant to them. 

Photo credit: Don't Mess with Taxes.

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