When are Democrat voters going to wake up and hold their representatives accountable?

It really is bizarre that there are so many people in this country who continue to vote for Democrats every election cycle — at all three levels of government: federal, state, and local — when economic and social problems continue to get worse almost by the day. 

During Biden's administration, inflation, crime, and out-of-control illegal immigration have been the most notable.  It's a reminder of Einstein's famous aphorism: "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  This describes the Democrat electorate in nutshell, except for all of the institutional elites to whom these chronic problems don't apply.  They just sit back and virtue-signal their wokeness while living comfortably and securely in their gated communities.

The facts and metrics that are demonstrably true seem to be ignored every Election Day.  Biden's administration has actually made life worse for everyone, including every single person within the Democrat voter base regardless of race, sex, and ethnicity.

Of course, those in the upper classes, so many of whom vote for Democrats out of a seriously misguided noblesse oblige, are never seriously affected by bad Democrat policies they support.  It was Bill Gates who convinced Joe Manchin, senator from West Virginia, to cast the deciding vote for the Inflation Reduction Act that's now projected to add an additional $1 trillion in new spending under Biden.

But the financially secure suburban white women are more numerous and important when it comes to votes.  They seem to be more concerned about legal abortion than economic policies that would benefit single mothers and families in the middle and at the bottom, who struggle to pay their bills and put food on table month in and month out.  And generally speaking, the numbers of those struggling financially are in the millions, if not tens of millions, whereas the number of young women wanting to get an abortion is minuscule in comparison.  So wealthy suburban white women who secured Biden's last election voted on a very narrow social policy that benefits the few versus helping improve the financial well-being of tens of millions.

Under Trump, there was the lowest unemployment for all identity groups in history.  All the Democrat voters outside the wealthy ones essentially cut off their noses to spite their faces when they voted for Biden, who then gave them a hefty pay cut because of the inflation caused by his monstrous spending policies.

And as for all the young progressive voters, especially those who work in the tech industry, they basically voted themselves right out of a job when they voted for Biden.  His inflationary policies that tanked the economy are catching up with Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook and many other tech companies,  causing them to lay off tens of thousands.  

If you're a millennial or Gen Z, you really should be wondering why you voted for Biden.  For a young black business-owner or one working a construction job or driving a truck for a living, the same could be said, when they see how much less their bi-monthly paychecks are going in paying the bills.

You would think that some serious soul-searching would be in order and they would begin questioning their loyalty to the Democrat party, since it has made life much worse.

Democrat voters will see the light and take a hard look at the GOP and how their policies can actually make their life much better financially in so many ways, I hope.  The same can be said about the misguided wealthy and financially secure suburban white women, who many political analysts say were the difference in the 2020 election in putting Biden over the top.

It's time for them to hold elected Democrats accountable and throw the bums out of office to send them a signal that they're not pleased with the current policies that are not improving the lives of anyone except their donors and the billionaire and millionaire classes.

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