Why Biden should follow the Gerald Ford precedent

I've not heard this from anyone, but it occurs to me that the best political and personal move for Biden would be to follow the Gerald Ford precedent and grant a full pardon to Donald Trump.  Although Trump is currently under indictment in a state court, Biden could pardon him for alleged federal campaign law violations and any other federal offenses that might allow D.A. Bragg to use a minor state infraction on which the statute of limitations has expired.

While the Trump-haters on the left would be furious, the pardon would be from prosecution for exceedingly weak charges that will ultimately result in exoneration, and which meanwhile are a rallying cry for Trump-supporters and others who just care about equal justice.  It would also allow Biden to make the ridiculous claim that he is a uniter, which might help him with independents (and the far left would vote for him against a Republican in any case). 

Most important in Biden's mind would be strengthening the precedent that may eliminate the small (under our unequal justice system) risk that he would be prosecuted for the much more serious crime of enabling his family to sell his influence to our adversaries while he was V.P., and perhaps reduce the risk of impeachment for failing to enforce our laws (e.g., the border). 

Biden's calculation might be whether Republicans would be likely to give him and his party a taste of their own medicine by going after his influence-peddling and the many other legitimate targets for prosecution, or knuckle under and take the abuse.  He may be betting that Republicans will not fight back.   

I also wonder if Trump would have the right to reject a pardon and, if so, whether he would do so.

Photo credit: APCC BY 2.0 license.

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