What if Bush and Obama defended Trump?

Have you seen a legal expert commenting on the likely circus of the Trump voir dire?  Where is public opinion on putting Mr. Trump in the dock?  Unless the district attorney and judge have conspired to deny Mr. Trump an impartial jury, one would think that Biden voters (and Biden got nearly 90% of the Manhattan vote) would be excluded for cause, along with readers of The New York Times (all the anti-Trump propaganda we deem fit to print), and consumers of the broadcast, cable, and social media outlets available in Manhattan, all of whom are heavily biased against Mr. Trump.

Simply stated, anyone who claims that Donald J. Trump can get a fair trial in Manhattan either needs to have his head examined — or is guilty of perjury.

Debra Heine at American Greatness, April 3, noted that Trump-supporters greeted the former president's arrival at his Manhattan residence with cries of "We Love Trump."  The Trump loyalists had better be careful that they not be arrested and charged with obstruction of justice.

The very fact of the arraignment is proof positive that Republicans are not taken seriously by the Deep Staters because they don't expect to be taken seriously.  The House Republican leadership, weeks ago, should have taken resolute action against the anti-Constitution Democrats with the adoption of resolution after resolution of censure against the Democrat purveyors of lies directed at MAGA patriots and, certainly, of the Manhattan district attorney.

Where, pray tell, is the House finding that under federal law, Mr. Trump is entitled to lifetime Secret Service protection, and thus, by statute, immune from incarceration?  Where is the House protest petition setting forth the prejudicial reality in Manhattan, due to a politically biased population infected with the lies of the media, and concluding that not only is a fair trial impossible in the Trump matter, but the fact that the former president faces a future as defendant in a criminal case is an affront to the Constitution?

 A cliché comes to mind.  The silence of former presidents Bush and Obama is deafening (former president Carter being too weak to comment and, likely, former president Clinton too ill).  There is nothing in the Former Presidents Act to prevent former presidents from calling on political zealots to cease their assault on a member of the club of former president.

Former presidents Bush and Obama must return to the political arena and call on the political zealots to stop their madness forthwith.  The message, coming from them, should end the travesty of a Trump trial.  That message is, simply, that if you indeed respect the law, you must honor the Former Presidents Act.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.

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