The Trump indictment shifts American political tectonics

The day before yesterday, Donald J. Trump was indicted on phony political charges.

It may prove to be the day the real America will be resurrected, for two reasons:

One, leftists are petrified of MAGA politics, politics that loves America as founded, that loves its military as originally constituted before Woke happened, and whose capitalism is the greatest economic engine on the planet.  MAGA is for patriots, and the left are not patriots; they hate America.

The second reason Trump was indicted is because of the larger Soros & Co. plan to communize America, turn her into an oligarchy with Soros at the helm, to use "climate change" as the Trojan horse for the terrifying Great Reset, so Trump cannot stand in the way of that happening.  Alvin Bragg and his Soros backers, including Joe Biden, have just declared open warfare on half the American public.  Except now it's more than half with this indictment.

Americans have always loved an underdog, the come-from-behind hero who battles evil against all odds and wins.  Donald Trump is that hero now, and the Democrats have created him so.  The outrageous behavior of the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, the media, Congress, and the Democrat party, including Alvin Bragg, have just now created for themselves a superhero against whom they cannot win.  They may win by bastardizing the law and truth, but they cannot win the hearts and minds of Trumpsters and even those who, until today, swore they wouldn't vote for him and are possibly now ready to march in the streets where they would not have before.

Now the left has created a being to contend with who has grown a halo he never had.  He has become Persecuted Man, representing us all, a recognition that tyranny has come to America's front door, and its name is Democrat.

The biggest mistake in modern politics in this country will prove to be Donald Trump's indictment.  The left has inadvertently shifted the tectonics of American politics.  Now we are free to use means that are necessary to take our institutions back, mainly from the Justice Department, the courts, and the Congress.

Donald Trump, with all his warts, until yesterday, could have placed himself in the background because of his mouth.  Now his mouth is what is going to elevate him to president of the United States in 2024.  There is no stopping this now.

Thanks, Democrats.  You just made my choice between Trump and anyone else easier.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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