The media care only about mass shootings that agitate white women

On Saturday, in Dadeville, Alabama, a Sweet Sixteen party turned into a bloodbath when one of the guests shot 32 people, leaving four dead and 28 injured. This was the kind of mass shooting that ought to have been the topic of news stories for days, even weeks. Except, it wasn’t. Sure, the media covered it, but it was maybe a four out of ten on the outrage scale. There’s a reason for that: The shooting seems to have occurred within the black community in a red state, and there’s no political hay to be made from that fact.

Initially, the race of the shooter and victims wasn’t immediately clear, so you could feel the media getting ready to spring. Then, it became apparent that the shooter and victims involved in the mass shooting in this small southern town were black. The first hint was the media’s disinterest.

For the facts, you really had to wade through the stories to discover the racial identities of the young people murdered. (See here, here, and here, with that last linked item showing a bloody handprint horribly reminiscent of what happened in Benghazi on Hillary’s watch.) The shooter’s identity is still under wraps but, if he or she were white, we’d know.

The main point is that, for the media and the Democrat party (but I repeat myself), this was a completely useless story because it wouldn’t move any needles. Therefore, they confined themselves to reporting it as straight news of limited interest.

Image: Mourners in Dadeville. YouTube screen grab.

What Democrats (and the media) need is narrative.

Narrative is when a white man shoots black people in a Buffalo grocery store or a Charleston church.

Narrative is when a police officer (preferably a white one, although a black or Hispanic one will do) shoots a black person, whether or not that person is engaged in criminal activity (e.g., George Floyd or Jacob Blake.)

Narrative is when a so-called “transgender” person murders six people at a Christian school, including three children, and conservatives have the temerity to question whether so-called “transgenderism” is, in fact, a mental illness and an ideology steeped in increasingly hate-filled radicalism.

And now, narrative is occurring in Kansas City, where a white person shot a black man.

In the above situations, the narrative is that whites are racist, blacks are victims of racism, police are evil, and so-called “transgender” people are under attack. And, of course, the ultimate criminal is the gun because it enables all those evil-doers to do evil.

This narrative helps keep blacks allied to the Democrat party, an important thing because Trump’s ability to raise blacks’ economic standing threatened the Democrat party’s hold on them. Even more importantly, the narrative helps keep the pressure on those white women who are all-important now to the Democrats.

These are the women whom the left captured in college (and now they’re already getting them in high school). They’ve accepted the narrative that they are both perpetrators, because they’re white, and victims, because they’re women. This cognitive dissonance keeps them unstable and angry.

Don’t forget that, during the George Floyd/BLM riots, these white women were at the forefront of the protests, and they were mad, really, really mad. (See here, here, and here for examples.) These same women and their media handlers are nowhere to be seen when there’s a black-on-black mass shooting in a small town in a red state.

Likewise, they’ve been quiet about all the other black-on-black killings that have risen in number across America since these women were able to advance their “Defund the Police” policy. Next to abortion, black-on-black crime is the greatest cause of violent death in America’s black communities, and neither the media nor those maddened leftist white women care. 

For now, telegenic mass murders that fit the leftist narrative are the media’s bread and butter. And the deaths of four young black people, while 28 others were victimized, as well, is irrelevant. Well, not quite. Such events help swell the number of deaths that leftists can attribute to the evil gun; they just don’t want anyone to look too closely at what’s happening: Generation after generation of young black people who have deliberately been raised in a moral vacuum to be cannon fodder to advance leftist ideas.

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