Is transgenderism destroying gays?

I have noticed recently that many homosexuals are openly opposing the transgender movement — the one that advocates the surgical mutilation of children who, however temporarily, express gender confusion.  Against such immense evil, we must, as a practical matter, welcome almost any allies if doing so will protect children.

There is a concern that young homosexuals are being misidentified as transgender and that their lives are being destroyed by so-called "gender-affirming" medical procedures.  Such destruction of any children, gay or not, is an atrocity that must be ended.

It is with some trepidation, therefore, that I will risk offending, and perhaps alienating, some homosexual activists who have taken courageous stands against transsexualism.  Some of them have suffered significantly for their resistance to that malevolent social phenomenon.

But I will, because truth must be told.

I am old enough, at 75, to remember when the gay rights movement first, to borrow its own term, came out of the closet.  It did so as aggressively as, in years past, the movement for racial civil rights had ended a great injustice in our nation.

The difference between the two movements is as obvious now as it was then: race is not a behavior, nor is it a "preference," nor an "orientation."  Nothing succeeds like success, however, so despite the clear difference, gay rights advocates closely imitated the civil rights movement.  They even attempted to equate certain forms of sexual activity with race.  It worked.  Eventually, biblical admonitions against sodomy became morally equated by the left with bigotry.

By then, the nation had begun its descent down the slippery slope, and those who predicted that it would lead us to where we are now were condemned as alarmists, extremists, and hate-mongers.

I was one of those many people who made such predictions, and truth be told, mine were pale compared to the present reality.  Many of us noted that, for all of recorded human history, no major civilization had ever tried to integrate marriage into homosexuality and survived — no, not even those societies that accepted homosexuality as tolerable.  They never went so far as to institute it in the form of marriage.

We have, and we won't — we have instituted it, and unless we reverse course, we will not long survive as a sane, functioning society.  If we fail to recognize, that homosexuality is a dysfunction, then where do we draw the line?  At "T"?  At "Q"?  We did not jump from LGB to LGBTQIA-plus-plus overnight.  The devolution from two natural sexes to fifty-seven invented-variation genders was slower than that, but predictable.  In fact, it was predicted.  Worse is yet to come, and who will stop it?

We are now at the stage where the euphemistic definition of sexual orientation has come to include "minor-attracted persons," more accurately termed pedophiles and predators.  Screaming leftists condemned the prediction of this as delusionary.  It could never happen, they said, never.  Had I been prescient enough to predict "drag queen story hour" — in elementary schools, no less — I might have been committed to a lunatic asylum, at least figuratively.  No one would have believed it, but here we are.

I am not blaming homosexuals alone for the current debauchery engulfing our culture, although the LGB movement is complicit.  Lax morals had already been evident in our society.  Family structures were already being weakened by other forces, such as easy divorce, out-of-wedlock childbirth, and obscene entertainment, among others.  Those who opposed those factors were known as blue-nose puritanical freaks, whose desire it was to outlaw happiness.

It does little good at this late date to place blame, or to pinpoint the origin of our appalling present state of castrating confused little boys.  Society is saturated at all levels, and in all major institutions, with those who propel us in a headlong dash toward the top edge of the cliff of national self-destruction.

What will do us much good, if we can overcome the tidal wave of radical leftist influence, is to distinguish between principles that support healthy, intact families and those that make a mockery of that necessary institution.  For example, we must loudly proclaim that Heather cannot possibly have two mommies.

Our LGB allies are not making that vital distinction.  They are blind to those principles, and despite their welcome participation in opposing an unspeakable evil, we should remind them of this: in our path back toward cultural sanity, if we succeed, they will eventually be the radicals who are standing in the way.  The LGB trap is destructive to all of us, including to gays. 

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