A note from inside Gulag California

If it weren't so serious, Gavin Newsom's current assault on red states would be hilarious.  What he is peddling as "democracy" is totalitarianism in its worst form.  What's frightening is that there are millions of voters throughout America who will lap up what he's selling.

Why?  Because they are Zombie Voters; brain-dead people who do zero research and even less thinking before they vote.  They get their news from TikTok and Facebook.  They vote based on how they feel about a candidate instead of what they think about that candidate's positions.

It's sad but true.  California is full of them.  Most California voters don't know how to think because most were never taught.

California public schools stamp out individuality and individual thought from day one.  They teach boys to be girls and girls to be boys.  They teach hard and fast segregation by race ("diversity"), equal outcomes for everyone despite the fact that that is an impossible goal given individual abilities ("equity"), and exclusion unless you fall in lockstep with the approved mantra ("inclusion").  Unless your child precisely follows the state-sponsored curricula and toes the line every step of the way, he will be shut down and shut up.  Creativity and free thinking are strictly not allowed.

Your child certainly won't learn to read or write or do arithmetic (it's racist, remember).  In fact, the California Department of Education celebrates that California students lost less ground than their peers in some other states.  How can any adult think losing less than someone else is something to celebrate?  It's something to investigate and work to solve.  Unfortunately, the California Department of Education and teachers' unions could not care one speck about what the children under their control learn — unless, of course, it's the aforementioned gender-bending and DIE.

Long after the worst of the pandemic passed, the California Teachers Association pressured Governor Newsom to keep schools closed — and he capitulated.  Johnny and Janie can't read because they lost two years of school?  That's too bad.

Children from California public schools are by and large the people who keep California deep blue.  They show up at the polls and vote for candidates without knowing one single thing about them or giving one instant's thought to what that person will mean for them or their future.  These are the people Gavin Newsom and the Democrat party are counting on to rid the country of conservatives and red-blooded American patriots.

For those of you who don't know what it's like to live in California, here's the low-down.

California was once the Golden State.  That was more than forty years ago, when Ronald Reagan was governor.  In the 1980s, under Governor Jerry Brown, Sr., the state shifted slightly left.  During the 1990s, under Jerry Brown, Jr., things began to come apart, but it was still livable.  With Gray Davis, the slide continued, and he was recalled.  Since Gavin Newsom took office, California has achieved terminal decline.  It has become unlivable.

Since 2020, 500,000 people have moved out of the state.  More are leaving every day.  Because of that mass exodus, California lost a congressional seat based on the 2020 Census.

Getting a U-Haul is hard to impossible because none is to be found.  They were rented by the lucky ones who can afford to leave for one-way journeys to anywhere else.

Drug use is rampant.  It's out in the open, and no one does a single thing about it.  In fact, there are laws that prohibit law enforcement from stopping it — assuming, of course, that the city in which it's taking place hasn't defunded its police force.  In major cities — San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles — drug use is out of control.  In California cities, it is not unusual for school children to have to walk past or step over unconscious drug users on their way to school.

Homelessness is rampant.  The homeless camp wherever they choose.  They're clustered along freeways and frontage roads, on walking paths, in Park-and-Ride lots.  Taking a walk almost anywhere in California can be dangerous.  You never know whom you'll encounter or in what state of mind.  In cities, you have to watch where you step to avoid the piles and smears of human feces and discarded needles.

In response, Governor Newsom and the California Legislature repeatedly raise fees and taxes and throw money at the problem without dealing with the root cause, and nothing changes.

Those fees and taxes are directly and immediately behind the push to get California residents to move to 100% electric everything.  That push has zero to do with the environment.  It has everything to do with money.

The State Public Utilities Commission determines electric rates in California.  Electricity has always been more expensive than natural gas because the infrastructure is far more expensive to maintain, and the supply is relatively limited.

Under Gavin Newsom and through executive order instead of a vote of the people, all residents who need or want a new car will be forced to buy E.V.s starting in 2035.  There will be no choice.

Can't afford to charge your car?  Too bad, but take the bus (which will be loaded with the mentally ill, homeless, and drug abusers whom you'll have the privilege of sitting next to).

Can't afford to heat or cool your home?  That's okay.  California is pretty temperate.  Get some more blankets and sweaters, or just suffer through it if it's hot.

Power goes out because the grid implodes and you don't have electricity?  Tough.

Just last September, we had the image of Governor Newsom standing in an obviously well air-conditioned room wearing a fleece jacket while California baked under a heat wave as he told California residents not to plug in their electric cars because the grid couldn't take the strain.  Yet we're all supposed to be driving E.V.s by 2035.

Californians no longer have the freedom to choose, to decide what kind of vehicle we want to buy or drive.  Some jurisdictions are taking it a step farther by outlawing new gas stations and replacement pumps and tanks for existing stations.  What happens when gas stations are no longer available?

We're no longer allowed to decide if we want a gas stove — a stove that will continue to operate when the electrical grid goes down.  Ditto gas water heaters and furnaces that will continue to provide hot water and warm air if there's no electricity.  Perhaps you like to stand naked under a freezing jet of water while you shower so you can go to work on the bus loaded with the homeless and mentally ill.

Gavin Newsom and people like him are an existential threat to this nation.  If he takes the policies he and his cronies have enacted in California to Washington, D.C., this country is going to be a solid third-world toilet, and there is nowhere else to go, because these kinds of policies are being enacted the world over.

Wake up, America.  Engage your brain, and think about whom you vote.  Otherwise, welcome to Gulag California.

Image: Gavin Newsom.  Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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