Manhattan prosecutor's office reportedly 'in chaos'

When law is tossed out the window, is anybody surprised that chaos follows?

That's apparently what we have in the Manhattan district attorney's office, where Soros-financed district attorney Alvin Bragg is reportedly presiding over a chaotic shambles in the wake of news that his men intend to indict President Trump on politicized charges.

Banana republic politics, banana republic office, just like what you might find in places like Caracas and Managua.

The root of it seems to be in Bragg's stated Trump-hate, which he openly campaigned on when he ran for office in Manhattan.  That's actually illegal, but the matter was ignored by voters.

As a Soros man, Bragg has a positively disordered view of what the role of prosecutor is in the city's legal infrastructure and what rule of law is.  Based on his history, he has a problem with the law.

He's reduced about half the felony charges of actual violent criminals to misdemeanors and thrown the book at the innocent, such as the hapless Bronx bodega clerk Jose Alba, who was forced to defend himself against a poised killer during a robbery, taking the monster down.  Alba was jailed at Rikers Island, the nastiest thug-filled lockup in New York, on murder charges for an obvious act of self-defense, and politicians from both sides of the aisle demanded that he drop that crap, which he eventually was forced to do.

But as for real criminals, Bragg had other ideas and has made life in Manhattan a living hell.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has downgraded more than half of his felony cases to misdemeanors as crime continues to escalate in the Big Apple. 

Since taking office on January 1, the soft-on-crime DA has downgraded 52 percent of felony cases to misdemeanors compared to 39 percent in all of 2019, according to data published on the DA's website. 

However, under District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., the percentage of cases the office downgraded between 2013 and 2020 did not go over 40 percent.

Bragg, who campaigned last year on a promise of criminal justice reform, issued a controversial 'Day One' memo after taking office stating he would only seek prison time in the most severe cases.

That same month, career criminal William Rolon, who faced only misdemeanor charges for threatening a store worker with a knife ,was told by a judge that he should 'feel lucky' because of Bragg's new policies.

Violent crime in the Big Apple has soared by nearly 30 percent from last year.

So Trump, with his minions' hush-money payout to a porn star intended to keep news of his illicit affair with a tramp from his wife, is Bragg's "most severe" case: SWAT raid, handcuffs, perp walk, jumpsuit, mug shot, and then jail time.  This is banana-republic justice, right up close and personal, and Bragg isn't even embarrassed that the world has noticed.

The district attorneys in dissent in that office all know what the rest of the public knows, which is that this indictment is nakedly political.

The entire case, as legal scholar Alan Dershowitz has noted, is based on "made up laws," obviously invented in the service of a political vendetta.  That's not just an attack on Trump; it's a threat to everyone that what passes for "law" is now all about one's politics, a very scary prospect to the public.  And it's not his first strike against Trump.  He's laid junk charges against some of Trump's allies and associates:

The whole case against Trump is based on Bragg's junk politics, and charges should never have been brought.

Some exonerating factors for Trump include credible evidence that President Trump didn't even know about the payment, given that he didn't sign any agreement for it, and that his minion and fixer who did pay the hush money, Michael Cohen, is a known liar with credibility so challenged that he didn't pass muster as a witness during the two-year, cost-no-object Mueller investigation.  Cohen, by the way, couldn't get Trump on the phone to tell him he'd made the payment.  He claimed that an intermediary said she'd do it, and whether she agreed to do it or actually did it is anyone's guess.

It gets worse now that news has broken that the five-year statute of limitations expired...two years ago.

Obviously, the indictment is political, a bid to knock out President Trump from the 2024 presidential race and, as Maria Bartiromo noted, to distract public attention from the truly third-world-despot-style corruption charges rolling out from Congress about the $1.3-million in payoffs taken by the Biden family from China.  The timing, she observed, was amazing.  "Do you think it's a coincidence?" she asked.

Now the word is out that maybe Bragg won't level charges at all, given the huge amounts of legal ridicule by actual scholars being laid on him in the press.

According to Legal Insurrection:

It appears that rumors of Trump’s imminent arrest may have been greatly exaggerated. ...

However, his attorney has confirmed that Trump’s legal team has received no word from the DA regarding an arrest, let alone a specific day for the arrest.

Obviously, something is going on in Bragg's office, given that communication has been shut down, as if the place were a war zone.

When rule of law is turned into a political circus, all kinds of fourth-world chaos follows.  We now see that in Bragg's running of his own office, just as we saw similar chaos in San Francisco wokester district attorney Chesa Boudin's office before he was recalled by disgusted voters fed up with violent crime.  It's what we saw in Hugo Chávez's "justice" offices and in the prosecutorial offices of Cristina Fernández of Argentina when she ran that country into the ground — over there, a prosecutor was actually murdered.  It's definitely what we saw in Quito with the recent junk prosecution of Chevron for oil spills committed by Ecuador's state oil company.  It's not for nothing that Ecuador was the original "banana republic."

It's banana republic chaos, all right, and now with the Trump indictment apparently falling apart, it's all over Bragg's office, too.

Image: Screen shot from CBS 2 video via YouTube.

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