Howzat fundraiser going, Nina Jankowicz?

When we last heard from Nina Jankowicz, lately of Joe Biden's now scuppered Disinformation Governance Board, she was holding a $100,000 fundraiser to sue Fox News for its coverage of her idiocies and antics.

Seems the old urge to censor burns bright in the soul of the famous singing censor.  If she can't censor through a D.M. to Twitter, then a lawsuit can perhaps accomplish the same.

Surely, every leftist would agree with her, right?

Well, no. 

Jankowicz's GoFundMe pot to raise cash to sue Fox has yielded just...$42,879, after three weeks on the board.  That's less than half of her targeted goal.  She has only four $1,000 donors, two of which, as I noted here, may be people she knows — the names listed match those of an acupuncturist and a theatre enthusiast in her vicinity.  The other two include an anonymous donor and a generic-looking name that's impossible to Google.

Her fundraiser was launched on March 2, and oodles of free publicity followed.  She launched a professional video featuring her in non–Mary Poppins gear for Twitter, and then another.  She got additional publicity from her subpoena from Congress and her appearances in Matt Taibbi's latest Twitter exposé.  She made television appearances.

Yet Jankowicz still can't persuade enough leftists, or even one Soros-type moneybags donor, to chip in to make her lawsuit happen.

Part of it, of course, is that the lawsuit can't win, given the obstacle of the infuriating (to her) First Amendment, which she doesn't seem to understand is still in effect.

As Jonathan Turley wrote earlier:

While Jankowicz objects to the "overly personalized, false, and incendiary coverage of me," it is only the false part that is actionable. Coverage is allowed to be "personalized" and even "incendiary" so long as it is true or protected opinion.

In other words, money to her is money flushed down the toilet.

But the other part is that Jankowicz has done everything possible to please the establishment.  She's marketed herself as a victim of Trump and his followers.  She's cited the chillldren.  She's mouthed the far-left certainties about women, oppression, and the internet.  She's hung with the Wilson Center as a Serious and Deep Thinker.  She's secured an academic perch as an adjunct "professor" at a lesser school, putting her in contact with at least hundreds of more people.  She's respectable.  She's the establishment.

It still hasn't persuaded either the establishment or the Fox News–hating lefties to donate.  The donors at this writing number fewer than 1,000, with the last reading at 710.

Seems the establishment and the run-of-the-mill leftists don't even believe their own narratives anymore. 

Nina's still tryin', though.  We'll keep an eye on how she does.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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