Nina Jankowicz puts out new video seeking cash to sue Fox News — and barely anyone donates

Joe Biden's now-former disinfomation czar, Nina Jankowicz, of the now junked Disinformation Governance Board, is stepping up her gofundme campaign to sue Fox News, issuing this self-pitying video pitch:

This is pretty wretched.  I'm surprised she didn't use TikTok, the medium that got her famous.  Perhaps the would-be disinformation tsarina has been informed that it's a China data-mining outfit, or at least doesn't want other people to laugh and point at that unfortunate fact with her name on it.

Using all of her theatrical skills, she attempts to rouse the public into donating money for her claim that Fox News lied about her and was mean to her and, sniff, sniff, it messed up her relationship with her newborn son.

She doesn't seem to have heard about the First Amendment.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley picks that apart fast:

While Jankowicz objects to the "overly personalized, false, and incendiary coverage of me," it is only the false part that is actionable. Coverage is allowed to be "personalized" and even "incendiary" so long as it is true or protected opinion.

Turley also strongly refutes her contention that she wouldn't dream of violating Americans' First Amendment rights.  Actually, she was flamingly censorship-minded and did it all the time.

Turley has a massive list of such calls to censorship from her, beginning with this:

Jankowicz previously argued that Congress should create new laws to block mockery of women online by reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and including "provisions against online gender-based harassment."

Jankowicz testified before the British House of Parliament about "gender misinformation" being a "national security concern" and a threat to democracy requiring government censorship.

She demanded that both tech companies and government should work together using "creativity and technological prowess to make a pariah of online misogyny."

On the Hunter Biden laptop, Jankowicz pushed the false narrative that it was a false story and that "we should view it as a Trump campaign product." She continued to spread that disinformation, including tweeting a link to a news article that she said cast "yet more doubt on the provenance of the NY Post's Hunter Biden story." In another tweet, she added "not to mention that the emails don't need to be altered to be part of an influence campaign. Voters deserve that context, not a [fairy] tale about a laptop repair shop."

She even cited the author of the infamous Steele Dossier as a guide for how to deal with disinformation. 

Turley's list goes on and on.  Nobody has the censorship bug in her like Nina Jankowicz, an obvious narcissist whose hard-left commissar proclivities and ditzy demeanor make her the most repellent Bidenite this side of Sam Brinton.  That naturally makes her a figure of fun, particularly since the government has been exposed for its massive censorship efforts against Americans on multiple fronts, and that effectively renders Jankowicz's gig as a "disinformation expert" over.

Now she's appealing to the public for money with a self-pitying pitch, claiming that the public ridicule she drew from her own activities had disturbed her peace with her newborn son.  Apparently, she couldn't just flip the channel, turn off the TikTok, or get off Twitter to achieve that "peace" the way normal people do.  And who the heck takes a high-profile, high-pressure government job with a baby on the way anyway, particularly with Jankowicz's TikTok and statement baggage?

What's vivid here is that the pitch doesn't seem to be catching fire with the public.  She's got a $100,000 goal for her sue-Fox-News gofundme campaign, but as of the last three or four days, she has raised only about $4,000 since the video went out, making her total about $14,000.  Apparently, she isn't exciting even the lefties, even with all her theatrical histrionics on display for them.

Her biggest donors, at $1,000 a pop, are two names that correspond with those of an acupuncturist and a musical theatre enthusiast in the Beltway area.  If they are the same individuals, these are people she could actually know.  The rest are small fry of no political significance.

What we don't see are big disinformation-control outlets, fact-checkers, the press, any characters in that burgeoning swamp industrial complex pitching in for Nina.  She doesn't actually seem to have friends in those industries, and it may well be that even though she works as a registered foreign agent now for a British disinformation-oriented outlet, which is listed as public relations, maybe it's not much of a job and only the best she could land as an "expert."  Maybe no one wanted to hire her.

So she's taking it to the public, and now even the public isn't biting.  That may be in part because her case can't win in court, even with a lefty judge and jury, because she doesn't have the First Amendment at all on her side.  (Turley does a good rip-down of that, and it's a topic he knows well.)

She's living in a fantasy world where censorship is legal and normal and the First Amendment is window dressing to keep up appearances of "democracy," which is a perfect reflection of what she was up to at the Disinformation Governance Board.  Seems she believes her own baloney. 

Turley notes, though, that she may be planning to raise the money for other stuff:

In the end, it is not clear how $100,000 could even fund the initial stage of a lawsuit against Fox. There is no guarantee that it would be used for that purpose. On her GoFundMe page, Jankowicz lists other uses for the money including "security" and "protecting me and my family." She also lists "current costs" as including lawsuits where she is a defendant or investigations calling her as a witness. However, the video pitch only mentions using the money to sue Fox News, which will resonate more readily with many potential donors.

Jankowicz is under subpoena now by the House's Jim Jordan based on her refusal to testify voluntarily about what she was up to at the Disinformation Governance Board, so now she has to do it under oath and will probably need a pricey lawyer telling her not to spout Mary Poppins–isms for the cameras. 

Look for her to make more videos for the public, insisting that the First Amendment, every critic of her antics, and everyone else are wrong, and she is right, so give her money.  Such a pathetic clown.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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