Democrats 'don't give a crap' about kids, gun violence, or civil rights

What makes anyone think the fascist far left cares about anything at all but the selfish pursuit of power over the people?

Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) recently talked to Salon magazine, complaining that Republicans "don't give a crap" about kids and gun violence.  If you're feeling particularly masochistic, you can watch the entire interview on YouTube.  We've done that so you don't have to, and have the headache to prove it.  Twenty minutes of infuriating propaganda and outright lies will do that, especially when the fascists' invert reality, casting Senator Murphy as Batman and Senator Ted Cruz as the Joker.  Yes, this bizarre assertion was made by the interviewer.

Getting back to the senator's falsehood about Republicans and kids, why can't the pro-freedom right assert the same thing about the anti-freedom far left?  Given their track record, why do leftists get a free pass when it comes to their utterly failed policies in keeping kids safe?

It certainly wouldn't be a day that ends in "y" if the far left didn't lie.  And he said the economy is on fire, definitely, one of those "you keep using that word" moments if there ever was one.

But what makes anyone think the fascist far left cares about anything at all but the selfish pursuit of power?  Just because the gun-grabbing ghouls politicize death and claim they care?

Does the illegal invasion of millions of criminals over their open border protect kids, or does it put millions of them in harm's way?  If leftists care about kids, why are they leaving that same border wide open to a steady stream of deadly fentanyl "imports"?

If they supposedly care about kids and their future, why are they trying to destroy freedom with what they are doing to the country?  Why do they work every day to eviscerate individual liberty and our commonsense civil rights?

If they supposedly care about kids and their future, why is Bolshevik Biden trying to deplete our Strategic Petroleum Reserve and our ordinance stocks while insanely trying to provoke a conflict with China?

It's always been one of the far left's central falsehoods that leftists do everything "for the children."  As you can see, just a few rhetorical questions destroy that assertion faster than kids being poisoned by fentanyl. 

But since the senator loves to play the ghoulish game of exploiting dead children and other people's pain for his political gain, let's address whether leftists' policy of incremental gun confiscation and disarmament keeps anyone safe.

Does their policy of creating massacre zones where only the innocent are disarmed protect anyone?

We know we're never supposed to ask these questions because the gun-grabbing ghouls are interested only in the "common good" — Gemeinnutz vor Eigennutz in the original German — in every sense of the term.  Yes, just like every other tyrannical minority, the National Socialist German Workers' Party was obsessed with gun confiscation.

Supposedly, the far left is interested only in trying to keep kids "safe."  This is how leftists avoid having their policy agenda challenged by logic and reason.   

But we're talking about critical questions of life and death — nothing to be taken lightly, and certainly nothing to be brushed aside over meaningless issues of virtue-signaling. 

Does gun control ever work, or do leftists simply parrot the same excuses time after time to deflect from its incessant failure?  It's the fault of the "surrounding areas," or we have to close the "loopholes."  ("Loopholes" is the dog whistle term the fascist far-left has for freedom and commonsense civil rights.)

You have to wonder about policies that can never be questioned or examined by objective methods.

Parenthetically speaking, if there were a place in the country where gun control actually worked, don't you think that the ghouls would talk about it 24/7?  Let's say, for the sake of argument, that gun control actually worked in Chicago, and it was the safest city in the nation.  Don't you think that moms looking for action in Everytown and the Giffordses would be there every day, basking in their success?  Don't you think the nation's socialist media would have news bureaus in downtown Chicago coming up with new reasons to talk about how everything is wonderful because of them?

Bolshevik Biden recently went out to the people's republic of California to push for gun control in a state ranked #1 by Everytown.  That alone should be a red flag for everyone.  Why would they need any more controls in a place that has every policy dreamed up by the gun-grabbing ghouls?

Leftists love to ask when the number of guns is going to start bringing the violent crime rate down.

The fact is that overall, the reported violent crime rate in the United States was coming down from a record high in the early '90s, while gun sales were increasing.  Even recently, Bloomberg reported that "the Pandemic Murder Wave Has Crested," while NICS numbers for February 2023 were the "Fourth Highest for Gun Sales."

Having addressed that question, we'd like to know when the promised "safety" and "security" of gun control is going to come to fruition.  When is their policy of incrementally disarming the innocent to the benefit of criminals and the government going to show results?

The people have been giving ground on their commonsense civil rights for several decades, and what do we have to show for it in terms of safety?  All they've given us are meaningless platitudes and vague promises about reducing "gun violence" without any results.  

This proves that they "don't give a crap" about kids, because if they did, they would drop their ridiculous disarmament agenda and see what actually works — having people defend themselves and defend children — instead of relying on silly signs and rules for massacre zones.  They would acknowledge the vast difference between criminals and the innocent.  And they would acknowledge that guns carried by good guys protect children and everyone else — including the people who oppose constitutional carry.  Let's see if they can understand that basic logic.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a civil rights organization, and a long-time contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

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