Another Biden judicial nominee exposed as a doofus

Move over, Kato Kaelin.  Meet America's newest goofus in the legal system, Kato Crews.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) backed another one of President Joe Biden's judicial picks into a legal corner after the nominee admitted to not knowing a criminal law doctrine known as a Brady motion.

Colorado Magistrate Judge Kato Crews was before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, where lawmakers from both sides ask questions to inquire about the qualifications of the president's nominees.

The 1963 Brady motion is one of the most basic laws of fairness in the judicial system — mandating that prosecutors, who have a mountain of evidence to work with, cannot withhold exculpatory evidence from a defendant if they possess it and indeed have to hand it over.

Crews didn't know that?

What kind of judge would Kato-the-Unready be without this utterly basic judicial knowledge?  Does this explain the kinds of lunatic legal decisions we see coming from leftist judges who reflexively side with Joe Biden no matter how wrong he is?

Crews should have known that, and what's more, he should have known he would be asked about it.

What it shows is how unfit Joe Biden's team are for any job that requires an understanding of basic, ordinary law.  Political loyalty and having the right skin color or sexual status are how these nominees get chosen, not merit, let alone anything resembling knowledge of the law.  This is how it's done in Caracas.

Crews was worse than many of them because when he was caught not knowing what the Brady motion was, he tried to bee ess his way out of it, taking a wild guess that the folksy senator from Louisiana, Sen. John Kennedy, probably had gun control on his mind.

Crews should have known that Kennedy, whose folksy manner and witty statements conceal a steel-trap legal mind, would ask him about that.  But he didn't.

Kennedy has knocked one unready candidate after another out of judicial confirmation in the past by stumping them on basic law.  This includes Biden nominees, but also Trump ones.

The left had a grand old time when, back in 2017, Kennedy exposed the absence of legal knowledge of even President Trump's bench nominee, Matthew Spencer Petersen, before the Senate, leading to the man's uncomfortable withdrawal from consideration.

Besides that, the Brady issue comes up a lot when the career of Kamala Harris, a member of Crews's party, is discussed: Harris violated this law with alacrity as California state attorney general, and she's been called out repeatedly for her lack of knowledge (at best, and let's face it: she is a giggling ditz) of this basic and important law.  Maybe that should have been in the forefront of Judge Crews's mind as a potential question from Congress, given that Harris is presumably a political ally.

Instead, we have a potential judge just as ignorant as Harris, signaling that he would be just as disregarding of the law as Harris was, given that he's apparently never heard of it.

Crews should also have known he might be asked about this matter, given that the recent case of prosecutors and Congress withholding exculpatory evidence from juries around the January 6 protesters, which makes the Brady motion a live issue in legal circles and beyond.  Where Crews comes from, apparently it's not an issue.

In short, this isn't a potential judge who wouldn't know the legal rules of the road by knowing the most basic laws on the books.  Who needs that when all you have to do is support what Joe Biden wants?  It's ignorance like this that eventually creates legal Frankensteins, with Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg serving as Exhibit A.

Unlike the hapless Petersen, Crews hasn't offered to withdraw his name from consideration.  That's the difference between Trump nominees and Biden nominees — the Trump nominees made honorable withdrawals.  The Biden ones cling on, regardless of how the facts roll out.  That's the political effect at work, the incredible shamelessness of those in pursuit of power.

Sen. Kennedy should be lauded for ratting out the poseurs and politically connected hacks of no merit in their field, with only political loyalty to speak for them.  Based on what Kennedy unearthed, Kato Crews is easily in that category and should not be approved as a federal judge.

Image: Screen shot from Twitter video.

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