Troubled man in a stewardess uniform advertised as the face of ‘inclusion’ policies for United Airlines kills himself

Political correctness and woke virtues are like neatly-laid pavers, creating a path that can only lead to tragedy and death; news broke today that a young man named Kyle, who was obviously suffering tremendously from debilitating mental illness, has killed himself.

But Kyle’s heartbreaking story has some rather concerning and extenuating circumstances:

Kyle had abandoned his birth name and instead, was living as Kayleigh Scott…he was “transgender.”

More than that though, Kyle was a poster child for the “trans” movement and corporate “inclusion” policies like DIE. In 2020 United Airlines celebrated “Kayleigh” in a woke public relations campaign video:

The first words Kyle utters in the video? “Don’t let that smirk fool you. There was so much pain behind that sweet boy’s eyes.” However, thanks to the “support from the company” and his “loving coworkers” Kyle became “Kayleigh” — but shortly after his “transition” he committed suicide. Coincidentally, “progressive” narratives don’t align with truth and reality. 

The message at the end of the video is this:

I was able to break free from the chains that held me, and to this day, I am living confidently as my true self. I was able to glow-up and let go of the past. So here’s to all the pain that Kyle went through, so that Kayleigh could live today. I am trans, and I am proud.

In response to Kyle’s suicide, Pink News, a leftist and pro-LGBT outlet, printed the following:

A survey in 2022 found that half of trans and non-binary young people in the US have considered suicide over the past year, with the study authors citing anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and poor access to mental health care as having had a huge impact on queer young people’s wellbeing.

The piece included a statement from Carrie Davis of the LGBT activist group The Trevor Project which read:

We hope that fellow researchers, lawmakers, youth-serving professionals and allies in every state will use this data to uplift LGBTQ+ young people and advocate for policies that celebrate and support them – not isolate them further[.]

But the truth is, Kyle was celebrated and supported as a “trans” person — so news of his suicide begs the question: why?

Published yesterday at Natural News:

Researchers at the Iran University of Medical Sciences found that 81 percent of people who say they are transgender are experiencing major personality disorders.

According to the study, 57.1 percent of transgender individuals have narcissistic personality disorder, while the overall average number of psychiatric diagnoses for transgender patients is three.

The study concluded: ‘Personality disorders are common in patients with Gender Identity Disorder who are candidates for sex reassignment. As a result, the assessment of Personality disorders before sex reassignment surgery and offering psychological and medical intervention care, if needed, is strongly suggested.’

Of course, no one needed to tell us that destructive ideations of self-harm indicate intense mental anguish; from outside the leftist box, we can see right through the phoniness. Mentally well people don’t kill themselves, and feeling as if you’re trapped in the wrong body with a desire to chop up your sex organs screams of mental illness. It ought to go without saying, but people who think they’re “trans” are suffering from delusions, and need proper psychiatric care, not validation.

Kyle’s story is just another data point in a trend showing how evil and calamitous leftist policies and ideas really are. The mitigating factors surrounding his death are an inconvenient truth bound to be brushed under the “progressive” rug, and an unwanted “told ya so” moment for conservatives like me.

Image: YouTube video screen grab.

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