A biased Oath Keeper juror speaks

This March 28 Politico article by Kyle Cheney should be reviewed by counsel for cause to reverse the Oath Keepers' convictions.

Juror in Oath Keepers trial reveals secrets from the deliberation room

Cheney's article was based on a post-trial interview with the juror identified only as "Ellen," who worked for C-SPAN for 32 years and, as the article suggests, came away from her experience having scant regard for the ability of (other) jurors to absorb trial testimony — to the point where, if she were to find herself on trial, she would prefer that the matter decided by the judge.

Cheney's article indicates that "Ellen" overstated her own ability to hear testimony — at least of a "Jan. 6" case.  The following paragraphs certainly provide a distorted understanding of the "Jan. 6" turmoil at the Capitol:

Ellen said some of the jurors have kept in touch since the trial and have continued to text about developments now that they're able to read news about the case and understand the perception of their verdict.

She said she was shocked that she was allowed to join the jury, given her long history at C-SPAN.

She remembered thinking, "How could they allow a person from the media, who their staff was in the middle of the insurrection and various television equipment was being destroyed from other networks that could've been ours. I don't even know if it was or wasn't." [Emphasis added.]

Ellen apparently does not truly "understand the perception of their verdict."  Ellen's words to Cheney, "was in the middle of the insurrection," make it more likely than not that she was influenced by the partisan propaganda of the unconstitutional "Jan. 6" House Select Committee (and why hasn't the current House deleted that witch-hunting committee and its detritus, including all its subpoenas?).  While the zealously partisan Democrats have falsely promoted the Jan. 6 disturbance at the Capitol as an "insurrection, " where are the persons facing charges of "insurrection"?  There is none.  That Ellen reflexively, casually, falsely, as a media staffer so distortedly referred to "Jan. 6" as an "insurrection" makes clear that she sat on the Oath Keepers trial as a biased juror.  Her biased decision must be overturned.

Cheney has Ellen also telling him that she wanted to sit as a juror.  To teach MAGA people a lesson, no doubt.  The attorney for one of the Oath Keeper defendants, identified by Cheney as Charles Greene, should seek reversal, forthwith, of the conviction of his client, based on "Ellen's" fact-finding, which, in turn, clearly reflected a biased mindset.  Indeed, if the tradition of American justice is to survive the current assault, fidelity to the Constitution demands that the entry of political bias in the trials of the Jan. 6 defendants, and their unconstitutional detention, be vacuumed away — speedily.

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