Prog icon Cenk Uygur tells trans people to 'get guns' because 'right wing lunatics are going to attack them'

Following the slaughter of Christians in Nashville by a trans-identifying female posing as male, and on the eve of an Antifa-sponsored "Trans Day of Vengeance," progressive icon Cenk Uyger seems uncomfortably close to "yelling fire in a crowded theatre."

Rush transcript by Grabien:

I'll be a little bit of a hypocrite here, but it's not. I'll explain why I'm saying it. I don't like guns. I would ban assault weapons in a second. We can go on and on about the gun control that we need in this country. And I always tell people, don't get guns, it'll make you less safe. I'm going to make an exception here for trans people. They are actually in danger. They have had hundreds of laws passed against them. They have right-wing media ginning up fear against them 24/7. They are targeted more than any other group in America. And if anyone should get guns, it should be trans Americans, okay. Because I'm worried for them. I'm worried that the right-wing lunatics are going to attack them as they have over and over again. And by the way, it's not just right-wing lunatics. Other people attack trans folks as well.

I don't think Uyger should be censored, but I do think that he ought to reconsider who exactly is at threat.  As Benny Johnson has pointed out, gender-confused (what Selwyn Duke calls MUSS [Made Up Sexual Status]) people are the perps of a large number of successful mass slaughters of late.

Inspired by the culture of victimology, "vengeance" thinking is a clear and present danger.  Urging people who are mentally disturbed and who are told they are victims to get guns as a day of vengeance is being planned is dangerous, to say the least.

But then, what do you expect of a progressive who named his YouTube channel "The Young Turks," after a group that committed genocide on Armenian Christians?

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