Politically incorrect unmentionables about the Nashville school slaughterer

While much is still not known and authorities are understandably not releasing all the information about Audrey Elizabeth Hale, the 28-year-old female who massacred six innocents at Covenant Presbyterian School, a private school in Nashville, Tennessee, some known facts have trickled out.  And perhaps because some of these facts go against the politically correct narrative about murderers, victims, sex, religion, "identity," and whatever is P.C. at the moment, these facts were casually mentioned toward the end of the report if they were brought up at all.

According to Nashville "police spokesperson [sic] Kristin Mumford," Hale "was assigned female at birth.  Hale did use male pronouns on a social media profile."

Hmmm...wrong.  Hale, or anyone else, was not arbitrarily "assigned female at birth" by medical personnel tossing coins in the air with heads a girl, tails a boy.  This so-called concept of sex "assignment at birth" is a relatively recent bit of wordplay development to align with contemporary fashionable — by some — concepts of gender.  Scientifically, they are questionable.  At best.  Mostly they are just wrong.

Hale's sex was revealed when she was born and medical personnel carefully looked for external identifiers at the area between her legs.  Yes, occasionally, there is a problem of visual identity, such as buried penis in males, for example, but this is rare.  And it did not occur with Audrey Hale.  Or, if her parents were impatient, perhaps they had a prenatal medical sex reveal procedure while Mrs. Hale was pregnant to find out if they were the parents of a girl or a boy.  These too are quite accurate.  Indeed, some pregnant women even have sex reveal events prior to the child's birth. 

Sex itself is determined at conception, when the sperm from a male penetrates the female egg.  DNA is forever.  Surgically removing external sex characteristics such as breasts or penis and/or injecting hormones of another sex into an individual, while causing external changes, does not alter the basic sex DNA of an individual.  I wasn't able to find out if Ms. Hale underwent any surgery and/or took hormones.  Outside her parents' home, she did wear masculine clothing.

So Audrey Elizabeth Hale was a female, allegedly a lesbian who thought of herself as a male.  That is also unusual, as most of the so-called "transgender" individuals are males who consider themselves female.

Various surveys on trans populations have shown male to female transitions are 2-4x more likely than female to male (see here). This is clearly statistically significant and not some anomaly.

Reinforcing her masculine presentation, occasionally, Audrey Hale used the more masculine name Aiden.  Interestingly, most media reports refer to her by her parental given female name instead; in contrast, most media mentions of men "identifying" as women use those individuals' changed, feminine names.

What is clear is that Audrey Hale was a talented but troubled individual.  There is an unverified claim that Hale "was autistic but high-functioning" and allegedly was "under care for emotional disorder."  The "disorder" is not named.  Hale also mysteriously announced her intention of dying in a "manifesto" to a friend.

Obviously, the investigation of this evil incident is still not complete; much is not known.  Some of the discoveries will be unpleasant.  Disturbing.  But ignoring them, distorting them, will not make them go away. 

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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