Men in drag conquer new frontiers: lesbian dating sites

As it turns out, leftists just have to learn the hard way that there's nothing more domineering and oppressive to the female sex than men in drag.

Thanks to leftist ideas like inclusivity and "trans" special treatment, we've seen males in swimsuits and bike shorts obliterate female sports, seizing titles and breaking glass ceilings; we've watched beauty pageant judges crown a fat guy in a dress instead of his accomplished and legitimately feminine co-contestants; and now we can sit back and laugh as the men dominate the women once again...this time on lesbian dating sites.  Check out the tweet below:

I've heard that the dating pool was bad, but I didn't know it was this bad!  Woof!

Words did use to have meaning, but not since leftism took root in education.  Lazy and emotional actors — leftists — have utterly destroyed the English language.  It's almost like a sequel to the Tower of Babel, albeit a weird and worse installment.  We're all speaking the same tongue, but no one can understand anyone else because words are strangely both subjective and objective.  For anyone who thinks I'm being dramatic, here's a reminder: we have a Supreme Court justice, whose role is thoroughly defined by impartiality, unable to define "woman."  In her defense, though, what is "impartiality" anyway?  Just kidding — we know exactly what it is.

Rainbow Resource Centre, a Canadian non-profit organization that "serves" the "2SLGBTQ+" community includes the following passage in one of its resource guides:

[I]f you're a straight, non-trans guy who is attracted to a trans woman, your straight identity doesn't necessarily change (even if she hasn't had bottom surgery).

If you're like me, this is the first time you're seeing "2S" — apparently, it stands for "two-spirit" people, both masculine and feminine, and no, that's not a joke.  They're going binary again!

Okay, so let me get this straight: "homo" means same, and "sexual" means, well, sexual...but somehow a man simulating sex with a man is not homosexual?  What a truly dizzying intellect.

"Trans" advocates often moan that excluding "trans" people as romantic prospects is "hateful" and "bigoted."  Just watch the reaction below, when a young man says he would rather "smash" (have relations) with "the oldest woman in the world" instead of a man in drag:

Will the "trans" mafia now come after the lesbians, too?  All that "women's empowerment" and the "future is female" talk was cheap.  Remember, "trans girls can do it all!" even if that means treading on real girls.

Correction: An earlier version included an error regarding the Greek "homo."

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