Biden takes everything so 'very seriously' don'tcha know?

Yeah, right!  He takes the border crisis he created and has fomented beyond reason seriously!

Every sentient American knows this is not true.  The moment Biden took office, he stopped the completion of the border wall and opened the border to all comers.  So they are all coming!  More than five million since he took office.  They've come from all over the world: China, Russia, Peru, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and a hundred other nations.  The Biden agenda is the replacement theory: sully the American demography by flooding the nation with migrants who will work for much less than American citizens.  Import migrant children and put them to work without regard for the conditions.  That's the leftist's way these days: so "serious" they are taking their lessons from China.

How can we be sure it is the Democrat party's way?  Not one of them speaks out against the ruination of the country, the trafficking of children, the deaths of thousands of migrants Biden invited, the countless deaths by tainted "vaccinations."  So we can be certain that Biden does not take the border crisis or the tragic consequences of the vaccine mandates seriously.

What else does he not take seriously?  He certainly has not taken East Palestine, Ohio seriously.  When quizzed about his failure to visit or why it took so long for Buttigieg to get there...he smirks, he chortles.  Those blighted citizens are clearly not worth his concern.  He could not be less serious about helping those people.  Oh, he'll give billions to that greedy, ungrateful Zelensky but nothing to East Palestine.  As the despicable Joy Behar put it (she assumes that the citizens of East Palestine voted for Trump), they "voted for" the disaster.  She mistakenly believed Buttigieg's claim that Trump deregulated our rail safety — a big, fat lie debunked by the NTSB.  But lies are what her "View" spews on a daily basis.  That program is an insult to women; each of those hosts is ignorant beyond belief.  They know nothing but believe themselves to be wise observers of our political scene. 

Biden is serious, though, in his contempt for American citizens, for our working and middle classes.  We are unimportant, a thorn in his side, the globalists' side.  Our love of country annoys him and his party.  His dismissal of the crimes against the citizens of East Palestine prove that beyond all doubt.  While he shovels billions of our taxpayer dollars to the so thoroughly corrupt Ukraine and its wholly corrupt puppet president, he ignominiously ignores the citizens of East Palestine.  If there were ever a clearer statement of his priorities, this was it.  This administration and its cultists are anti-American, pro-criminal, pro-chaos, and pro–the destruction of America as founded.  They seriously seek — and are orchestrating — our downfall, and they seem to be winning.

The Democrat party is so serious about "bodily autonomy" and "personal freedoms" that it radically and seriously supports unlimited access to abortion — infanticide.  They support the unrestricted mutilation of minor children who are suffering from gender dysphoria.  They support the sexual grooming of children beginning in kindergarten.  They believe that the introduction of porn to elementary school children is appropriate!  But they'll be darned if we're allowed a gas stove in the home or a personal vehicle to conveniently move about.

In short, the Democrat party has become so radicalized that it is a clear and present danger to our once civilized country.  Biden and his gang are so "serious" about our health and safety, which is why they pushed vaccine and mask mandates, but then they promote criminality.  We are fast returning to the wild, wild West — an era when bad guys ruled with impunity, occasionally defeated by one (or seven) of our fictional heroes.  Consider the great films: High NoonTrue GritThe Magnificent Seven, etc.  Parts of the U.S. are now rife with crime, corruption, cowards, and pro-criminal prosecutors and attorneys general.  The most violent of criminals are often let off without so much as a slap on the wrist, so they are often more brazen than ever.  It is going to take some heroes to blunt the determination of the Marxist left and the cowardice of the gutless right.

So where are our heroes, our real men?  There is not a single real man or, for that matter, a real woman, among the Democrats in Congress.  Not one.  Real women stand up for children, for families, for our Constitution, for freedom and free speech.  There is not a single one among the legacy/corporate media.  Jake Tapper?  Chuck Todd?  NPR?  Tools of the left without an original thought.  They've all been demasculinized and denationalized by a thoroughly corrupt media and a Marxist academia with an anti-American agenda.  They hate America and the traditional values that made it the most free and productive nation on the planet.  The Democrats are cowards all as are far too many of the Republicans — Mitt Romney comes to mind.  They've sold their souls to the code of political correctness, to absurd wokery, and probably to China for personal wealth.  They are weak, without any core convictions.  Men like Biden and his minions are bringing about the death of America and handing its carcass over to China.  That is what Joe Biden is serious about: the fall of the U.S.  He is presenting us to China with a ribbon and a bow.

Joe Biden is serious about absolutely nothing but enriching his own family and pseudo-elite fellow swamp-dwellers.  That is all he's ever been serious about.  He's a corrupt thug and always has been a corrupt thug.  He has been selling out his country for fifty years.  His wife, his son, his brother, etc. are grifters all — no better than Sam Bankman-Fried.  The tragedy is that he now sits in the Oval Office with the power to destroy us all, to take us into WWIII, to further bankrupt us, as he invites the Camp of the Saints to finish the job.  This most treasonous president in U.S. history may well be the death of us all.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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