Left-wing activism, too, obeys the laws of supply and demand

A pathologically elevated level of discontent and dissidence exists in the collective left psyche. 

A prevailing perception of those on the left is that their lives are directed by environmental forces beyond their control. 

Numerous psychological studies show a strong tendency to unhappiness in those who wallow to the left of center.  (Doubt it? “Just Google it!” says Don Lemon). 

They are frequently characterized as those seeing “the glass half empty.” 

They are hypersensitive to that which they perceive as offensive speech or actions, social injustices, and oppressive social groups, regarding them as threats to their emotional and even physical safety. The politically incorrect would describe them as paranoid.  They become angry at their unjust plight and need to change things through social and political activism.

In their activism, they project an aura of self-righteous moral superiority and place blame for their own feelings of subjugation and victimization on societal oppressors in “the system.” 

It is obvious that the supply of social injustices has decreased over the years.  Jim Crow has yielded to Barack Obama.  A woman’s place is no longer in the home, but in graduate school and the workforce.  Gay marriage has been legalized.  Yet woke cries of racism, misogyny, and xenophobia are louder than ever.

With apologies to Archimedes, the Father of Mathematics, this curious phenomenon is explainable in terms of the equation: Dissidence, a constant (Dk) is equal to the sum of the supply of social injustices (Ssi) plus the intensity of the activism (Ia). 

Thus the observed inverse relationship between the supply of social injustices and the intensity of overt activism is driven by the fixed demands of innate dissidence.  Leftist activism is driven by the law of supply and demand.  As the supply of social injustices wanes, the intensity of activism must wax to meet the fixed demand for the venting of smoldering dissidence.  When the supply of social injustices reaches a critical low, new injustices must be fabricated - systemic racism, white supremacy, gender dysphoria, CRT, threats to democracy, fascism - to preclude accumulation of dissidence to toxic levels.

One can only wonder where left activism can take society with its mutually exclusive goals of statism and personal freedoms, and equality and diversity.  Leftists have no problem with such discrepancies, however.  Their activism will simply take us to a point where the state dictates personal freedoms in a compliant society in which the diverse are equally repressed.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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