Dumbing down America with DEI

DEI advocates are dumbing down the American culture with DEI policies. Unfortunately, many non-POC (people of color) are signing on to these devastating policies rather than be canceled by the DEI stasi.

As noted by author Nancy Andersen, DEI, by its own literature, finds “individualism, perfectionism, a sense of urgency, and objectivity as representative of ‘white supremacy culture.’” It forgoes merit for color-balancing. What DEI does, in essence, is dumb down the entire culture by pushing the mistaken belief that America is systemically racist and hopelessly White. What the DEI activists and supporters are doing is a travesty of honesty and accomplishment because it tells people who are not qualified that they are. That doesn’t help them. It hurts them.

Why is it wrong? It is morally wrong because the DEI advocates are lying to the very people they claim they want to help. They are telling them they can do something when they are not qualified, intellectually or constitutionally, to do so. When they fail, and they will if they are not capable, they are told to blame the very people who warned against such policies, when it is really the advocates of DEI who are to blame for instilling false hope among POC.

This is not to say that POC are intellectually incapable. What it is to say is that objective reality is where people who are intellectually honest live. But when you tell people that being objective is “White”, you are saying that objectivity is a racially oppressive trait, or wrong. But what happens when you start to believe that objectivity is wrong? You believe things that are not true and believing lies is what drags people into the pits of hell trying to extricate themselves from a supposedly beneficial system (DEI). Moreover, individualism, not reliance on government, builds confidence and competence.

DEI is poisonous because it advocates abandoning  a “sense of urgency” (to get things done) because a sense of urgency is “White” and doesn’t reflect the POC culture. How insulting to POC. Lacking a sense of urgency, which is what DEI promotes, encourages a sense of laziness in planning ahead, in forgoing instant gratification, in getting things done in a timely fashion. This leads to overshot deadlines which can get people fired. It leads to putting off medical and dental appointments which could be fatal. It leads to intellectual laziness which leads to a feeling of failure in not getting done what needs doing. It leads to utter despair: “I tried and failed. I am a failure.” 

The entire DEI movement, which has captured business, education, and now government, is a cynical plan by Marxists for racial discord. It is also a plan to institutionalize all the things that have brought the POC culture to poverty and decadence, to welfare, to institutionalized incompetence. The POC who are poor and oppressed did not get that because “White people” did it. They got that way because of what DEI activists of all colors have done to them. As for the White people who sign on to DEI in their workplaces, they need to reassess whether they are doing POC good or ill. The road to hell and all….

Thomas Sowell astutely noted (he is always astute) that Black people are doing this to themselves with the very policies that DEI wants to institutionalize: 

People who have acquired academic degrees, without acquiring many economically meaningful skills, not only face personal disappointment and disaffection with society, but also have often become negative factors in the economy and even sources of danger, especially when they lash out at economically successful minorities and ethnically polarize the whole society they live in.

Regarding why Jews and Asians overachieve while other minorities do not, he adds:

Whether the elite public high schools of New York were overwhelmingly Jewish in one era or overwhelmingly Asian in a later era, their lack of demographic 'diversity' seems not to have adversely affected their educational performances or their graduates’ achievements in later life. And that is what such schools are there for, not to present a tableau that matches fashionable preconceptions.

Diversity kills the intellect just as surely as arsenic kills the body. If POC want to find the roots of their misery and discontent, they should not be looking at White people or at non-existent “systemic racism.” They should be looking to White DEI leftists and DEI people of color who are promoting behaviors that harm and eschew those that enhance. It is an intellectual holocaust.

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