Artificial intelligence hunts for white privilege

Woke people are bad enough.  Woke A.I. is worse because — like the Terminator — it can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. 

Kind of like the DMV — except writ large (and written into code) courtesy of the Biden Thing's latest executive order — that is, Biden's latest decree — that all federal agencies use A.I. as part of a new "equity action plan," to be enforced by woke machines rather than woke people. 

The decree is called Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities through the Federal Government.  There is no "Act" at the end of that because it isn't legislation, promulgated by the Legislative Branch of government — which alone has the authority under the Constitution to write (and pass) legislation. The president has constitutional authority to sign or not sign the legislation submitted to his office — and a constitutional obligation to see that the laws are enforced. 

But why bother with all that when you can simply issue a decree — and enforce it? 

This one will enforce equality of outcomes, on a skin color, sexual equipment, and "identity" basis.  The "diversity" of one-size-fits-all.

Well, not exactly all. 

"Equity" is not for white people, especially if they are also male and heterosexual.  This is a "community" that will not be "served," to riff on the title of Biden's executive decree.  Of course, it ought to be just as equitable for white, heterosexual males to "identify" as non-binary people "of color" — the colors leftists mean when they speak of "color," which always excludes one color.  But that would be applying the same logic to leftist ideology that leftists use to push leftist ideology, and that is something leftists do not consider...equitable

Thus, Biden's executive decree will not ensure that "all Americans" receive equitable treatment and opportunities," as per an article recently published by Breitbart.  Because by definition, white people — especially if they are heterosexual and male — are excluded from "all Americans." 

Honest language is not part of the left's lexicon.  It is how the left advances leftism.  How can you oppose what the left does when you're not even allowed to ask questions about it?  Asking questions is "hateful" and "racist" — words designed to shut down questions. 

But what could be more actually hateful than diminishing the humanity of the individual by assigning him to a collective?  No more people.  Instead, black people.  White people.  Gay people.  Straight people.  All agglutinated as one and set at one another's throats — so as to keep them from questioning their actual oppressors.

Biden's A.I. does not care who you are.  As a human being.  As an individual.  It cares only insofar as you are part of a homogenized mass — for that is how one controls the masses.

To get a feeling for what's brewing, think of how exasperating it can be to deal with "customer service" A.I. — i.e., the phone tree.  You are not dealing with a human — and you are not treated as a human being.  Instead, you are electronically herded, like cattle, via electronic cattle-prompt.  Push 1 for this and 2 for that.  I'm sorry, I didn't understand.  Please listen to the following menu items and ...

Only it's even worse than that because of the sinister element behind it.  Phone-tree non-service is just a way for companies to dodge having to serve you — and you don't have to deal with these companies if you don't want to.  Everyone has to deal with the government, which is notorious for its disservice.

And now Biden has racially weaponized this disservice.  Instead of treating everyone like crap, certain people will be singled out for crap treatment.  This will literally be "embedded" — the specific word used — in "government-wide processes," which will include such things as the awarding (or not) of federal contracts, the disbursement (or not) of government services, and probably also whom the government sics itself on.  Cue the 87,000 IRS agents coming online, who will no doubt be aggressively used to further the "equity" Biden seeks.

"Wherever possible." 

We will have a Chinese-style social credit system run by killer wokebots.

A writer for the Manhattan Institute, Colin Wright, says that woke A.I. could "prove fatal to society" by turning the government into a tool for the deliberate, overt, and legalized oppression of some at the expense of others — the same cancer that destroyed the Hapsburg empire.  "Biden is not a moderate," he says.  "This is a legal sprint to introduce as much radical ideology as possible, broadly and deeply, into our government."

But that will no longer be "our" government.

Instead, it will be the government of some.  Of whoever wields its power — including the power of its A.I.

This will be an unprecedented step toward the abyss.

While, in the past, there was discrimination, it was usually practiced privately — and the government tried to correct it.  This would enshrine it.  And that would fatally undermine confidence in the neutrality and general colorblindness of what is done officially, without which the government cannot maintain legitimacy, essential to the consent of the governed.

Of all of us, irrespective of the color of our skin — or how we "identify."

Just wait for the sequel, when our electronic friends use equity to prioritize their own kind over humans.

A.J. Rice is president & CEO of Publius PR, editor-in-chief of The Publius National Post, and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller The Woking Dead: How Society's Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture.

Image via Pexels.

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