Trump stated that the far left is fascist, and no one disputed it

Maybe it's finally dawning on the fascist far left that their projection tactic has limits, and people have finally taken note of their true ideology. 

Last Friday on the Glenn Beck radio program, President Trump boldly stated what has been bloody obvious for quite some time: despite the lies and incessant projection, the anti-freedom far-left is fascist.  Given the incendiary nature of that charge, the nation's socialist media should have immediately lost what is left of their minds and overreacted in the usual way.  After all, they've spent decades pushing their big lie that the left cannot possibly be fascist. 

A few short years ago, that would have been huge news, but instead, there was just the sound of virtual crickets.  Why?  Are we so divided that they aren't paying attention to the pro-freedom media anymore?  Or does it portend something far worse for the anti-freedom authoritarians of the far left more than ever before?  

We'll also note that they've spent decades trying to deny that a National Socialist German Workers' Party was a National Socialist German Workers' Party.  If you've had the misfortune of dealing with the far left over the past 80 years, you have been subject to their bluffing on one of their biggest lies.

Anti-liberty authoritarians of the fascist far left have always projected their policies on the pro-freedom side of the political spectrum.  They do this to divide and confuse the issue until it is too late to stop them from seizing full control over society, while they boldly, and without shame, accuse their political opponents of wanting to seize full control over society.

The problem for the far left is that they are running into trouble by continually using this little scam.  They can get only limited mileage out of accusing their opponents of what they are doing before people start taking notice.  Then everyone looks back at what they've said in a new light, with it being stunningly obvious that the left have just been admitting to what they've been doing all along.

Now they are on what is called in aviation circles the "back end of the power curve," where they are doubly screwed because further accusations by them will be seen as admissions.  With their credibility destroyed, they can't even try the "honesty approach."  In short, they've "Alec Baldwin-ed" both of their feet, and they can only blame themselves. 

It really shouldn't seem that strange that the far left would obsess about gaslighting their fascist ideology or the fact that they are the closest in comparison to a socialist workers' party of another nation.  As we stated, the far left's modus operandi is to invert reality, confuse the issue, take control, and suppress liberty to cling to power.  Thus, lying with language and accusing their political opponents of exactly what they are doing is all part of their playbook.

But make no mistake: they are fascists, despite the circular argument denials.  If you've spent any time around the anti-freedom far-left, you no doubt will have heard most of the excuses.  They usually revolve around the false assertion that they can't be fascist because they can't be fascist. Or one of their favorites that they're persecuted by those they accuse of being "fascist."  They will state this without factual evidence and then demand that you disprove their "assertion," doing this so they don't have to provide any facts or prove anything — because they can't.  If they could, they would have done so decades ago and resolved the argument.

We also mustn't forget that their primary method of denying reality is simply labeling themselves "anti-fascist."  This is like someone labeling himself "anti-gravity," thinking he can fly.  Is anyone foolish enough to think that would work?  

Then why does "anti-fascist" have any meaning?

The stark reality is that their ideology is built around a public-private partnership characterized by its original promulgations, epitomized by the "La Carta del lavoro," or Labor Charter, described in a front-page article in the New York Times from April 2, 1927: FASCISTI PROCLAIM "CHARTER OF LABOR."

Mussolini Is Hailed as Prophet of Cooperative Industrial Peace Under the State.

ROME, April 21 — The Fascist ''Charter of Labor,'' embodying the fundamental principles of the Fascist- Syndicalist State, which is based primarily upon the theory of replacing the class struggle by a fruitful cooperation between capital and labor under direct State control, was promulgated tonight by Premier Mussolini at a special meeting of the Fascist Grand Council. ...

The underlying idea of the "Charter of Labor" is the State's undisputed right directly to control all forces of production, acting as the guardian of both capital and labor, establishing equality of rights and duties between them, compelling them to carry out their tasks for the common good, punishing infractions and maintaining peace between them at any cost. 

Everyone should take note of the usual themes from the collectivists of the far left: "fruitful cooperation between capital and labor under direct State control" and "for the common good" (Gemeinnutz vor Eigennutz in the original German). 

Contrast those with the pro-freedom side of the political spectrum, which favors liberty, limited government, and individual rights.   One more strike against one of the authoritarian left's biggest lies.

The report then states that this document will be the basis of further legislation.  Further on, under the heading "Labor and Capital Socialized," it states:

Preceding the thirty articles of the charter is a preamble asserting that labor, which is a social duty, and property, which accomplishes a social function, are both under the guardianship of the State, since the State must control the whole body of production for the well-being of its citizens and the development of national strength. 

"Labor ... is a social duty," "property ... accomplishes a social function," "under the guardianship of the State."

Seriously, does that sound like anything you would hear from the pro-freedom right side of the political spectrum?  Unlike the far left, we provide proof of our assertions; thus, you can look at the images for the articles in question and see for yourself.  Also, note that the article is now in the public domain

It's almost becoming amusing that lately, the fascist far left have shied away from projecting their fascism on the "far right."  Now that we've had enough of their tactic and called them out, they know they can't bluff their way through it the way they used to.

We of the pro-freedom right have always been easygoing and willing to let things slide, but we're learning that sometimes you have to rhetorically push back.  The good news is that that keeps the crybullies at bay.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a civil rights organization, and a long-time contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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